10 ways that moving out can get even worse

Lionel & Heidi/Creative Commons

It’s a well-known fact that the two most stressful days of the academic year involve moving in and moving out of our residence halls, apartments or houses — or really wherever we’ve been living all semester. Here are a few unexpected ways that an already stressful day can turn into something out of a nightmare:

1. Forgetting about the commencement ceremony and telling your parents to show up right when it begins. (Surprise, they can’t find parking.)

2. The trash bag that has collected the past two weeks’ laundry tearing as you’re halfway to your car.

3. Leaving 300 meal points to spend on the last day, only to find that the Den is closed and Bear Market’s shelves are as barren as California’s rivers.

4. Your parents discovering that handle you hid in the back of your closet on Cal Day and subsequently forgot about.

5.  Losing your room key and having to look through all of your boxes to find it.

6. Being the last person to move out and therefore having an additional set of responsibilities, such as emptying out the refrigerator, vacuuming and collecting all the stuff your roommates forgot. (Tip: Don’t be the last to move out.)

7. Piling a cart way too high and watching in horror as your favorite lamp falls off and smashes into a million little pieces.

8. Subscribing to the belief that two trips is for losers and throwing out your back because of it.

9. Waiting in line for 30 minutes just to check out a vacuum.

10. Driving off into the sunset feeling satisfied and exhausted after a job well done … and then suddenly realizing you forgot something in your room.

Image Source: Lionel & Heidi via Creative Commons

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