Clog’s NBA Finals drinking game

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Michael Tipton/Creative Commons

In honor of the NBA Finals matchup between our very own Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Clog has created a drinking game for those of you who enjoy partying with a little basketball on the side. Gather your friends, find your shot glasses and pick your poison.

Drink every time …

  • the Cleveland crowd chants “MVP” for LeBron
  • Dellavedova shocks everyone
  • Bogut walks around aimlessly
  • Curry hits a three
  • Thompson hits a three
  • Curry and Thompson are referred to as “the splash bros”
  • Jeff van Gundy goes on a rant
  • the camera zooms in on Curry’s mom, wife or daughter
  • J.R. Smith commits an unnecessary foul
  • LeBron complains to the referee
  • the commentator says, “LeBron’s fifth straight Finals appearance”
  • Iguodala makes a new facial expression

If your team wins, crack open another bottle and celebrate all night!

If your team loses, crack open another bottle and drink away your sorrows. Remember, there’s always next season!

As for Clog, our alliance will always remain with the Warriors.
Image source: Michael via Creative Commons

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