5 untraditional ways to spend your Fourth of July

David Yu/Creative Commons

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching and with it pressure to love all things red, white and blue. But we at the Clog know that not everyone’s idea of the perfect Fourth of July involves a barbecue, fireworks and lawn parties, so we’ve come up with some alternative ways to spend the holiday.

Clarion Alley Mural

1. Visit Clarion Alley

Spend the day in San Francisco walking through the “mural utopia” located in the Mission District. Surprise your friends with your inner-artsy-self and capture some shots of you with the backdrop of murals — totally Instagram worthy. Once you’ve gotten your photo fix in, you can hit up some antique and thrift shops to finish out your hipster twist on the Fourth of July.

Big-C-12. Hike the Big C 

For those looking for a more quiet and relaxing Fourth of July, we recommend a leisurely day, ending with a view of fireworks over the Bay. Get a nice picnic basket ready with some sandwiches, chocolate-covered strawberries and some sparkling cider and drive up the scenic route to the peak of Berkeley Hill. Once you get up there, the view itself is breathtaking, but it will be even more so once the fireworks begin to go off in every direction — and we think it’s safe to say you’ll catch more than one show from this bird’s-eye view.

A pot of small red robe oolong tea accompanied by mochi.

3. Afternoon tea

For those of you who aren’t night owls and would rather stick to daytime festivities, throw a tea party! If setting up even a low-key party is too much work, we recommend hitting up San Francisco’s beautiful and luxurious Palace Hotel. Bring a good read or a friend and enjoy the beautiful chandeliers, delicious sweets and small appetizers. Once you’ve had your fill, end your day shopping in the nearby Westfield San Francisco Centre.

A chef working at Chez Panisse.

4. Restaurant hop in Berkeley

Let’s face it: We at the Clog know and you know that even four years at Berkeley isn’t enough time to try every foodie destination. We also know that there’s a method to conquering all the food the Bay Area has to offer. Rather than hosting your traditional BBQ for the Fourth of July, get a few of your closest friends and go restaurant hopping. Pick about 10 restaurants to go to and share the best thing off the menu — that way you can try more things without getting too full.

Golden Gate Bridge

5. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito

We saved our favorite for last. Clear out your entire agenda — you just committed to a day-long adventure. Grab your bikes (or rent some) and head over to Embarcadero to start a ride all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge. Brace yourselves, because it’s definitely an uphill battle to the bridge, but the view is well worth it. Once you cross the bridge and enjoy the downhill ride to Sausalito, stop by the amazing shops and restaurants the small town has to offer, and prepare for the fireworks show at night. Then take a ferry back to San Francisco!

Image sources: David Yu and Zervas under Creative Commons


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