Destination Berkeley: editors’ note

Ariel Hayat and Taylor Honda/Senior Staff

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Berkeley’s colorful history has been in part hued by the constant
presence of a large international community. It’s been molded by the
hundreds of cultures and shaped by the myriad customs brought from all
corners of the world to our own little nook of the Bay Area.

Each year, the campus sees a new influx of international students
choosing to attend UC Berkeley. As the years progress, all of these
global travelers will put down their baggage, and when it’s their turn
to venture elsewhere, they will leave a bit of themselves to
assimilate into our city’s history.

Whether you’re an international student or a Bay Area native, we all
have our own stories to tell.

And ultimately, no matter who you are, you are an ingredient in the
melting pot of cultures that make Berkeley what it is.

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