Berkeley campus ‘staycation’

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You don’t have to travel anywhere to experience the highs and lows of vacation: You can experience it all on the Berkeley campus. With our help, you can recreate the feelings of traveling and seeing new sights right here. We’ve listed the campus equivalents of popular travel destinations and activities.


Getting lost in an obscure village in Europe

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Campus equivalent: Dwinelle Hall

Some people travel thousands of miles and end up getting lost in a small but winding European village. But you can get lost right here at your very own school! Because of Dwinelle Hall’s varying levels and confusing set-up, it’s super easy to lose your way. Check out this building for that confused-and-exhausted-tourist feeling without even leaving campus.


The Eiffel Tower in Paris


Campus equivalent: the Campanile

As you take the elevator up to the top of the Campanile, you might wonder if it’s any different from taking the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower. We’ll just say that they’re about the same and that once you’re off the elevator, you’ll get a great panoramic view either way.


The Parthenon in Athens


Campus equivalent: Doe Memorial Library

Take in Classical Revival architecture at one of the most visited attractions on campus. While some might say it’s a tourist trap, we think it’s an attraction well worth the crowds. You can take in history through the exhibitions and maybe pick up a book to read, if you’re into that.


Lake Tahoe, California

hearst mining

Campus equivalent: Hearst Mining Circle

Enjoy sunbathing at the lake (read: water fountain) found in the center of this circle. After you’ve spent a few afternoons basking on the green grass, your classmates will wonder where you got that golden glow from.


African safari

main stacks

Campus equivalent: Main Stacks library

Instead of going on an African safari, you can observe UC Berkeley students in their natural habitat: the library. Several times a semester, they come to this spot to prepare for battle (a.k.a. midterms and finals) and are a truly interesting species to watch during this ritual. Please do not feed or disturb them.


Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England


Campus equivalent: Wurster Hall

Is it a llama? An abandoned movie set from “Star Wars”? Why was this built? Why has it lasted so long? These are just a few of the many questions we could ask about the architecture building. Unlike the mystery of Stonehenge, though, you will be satisfied to know that all of these questions do, in fact, have answers. But there is still a possibility that they are strange ruins of an aboriginal Berkeley tribe — we’re just saying.


Cave spelunking in South America

Barrows 1

Campus equivalent: the basement of Barrows Hall

Spelunk your way through the windowless basement with your headlamp, and explore the large, barren world found below Barrows Hall. We can’t promise that you’ll find any treasure, but you will find a rare underground drinking fountain, for what it’s worth.
Image source: John Morgans. bennett under Creative Commons

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