Potential UC Berkeley presidential candidates

Michael Ball/Staff

With so many people hopping into the Republican primaries, we at the Clog have decided to take a look at possible presidential candidates from within the UC Berkeley community. UC Berkeley, being the renowned school that it is, is naturally endowed with plenty of political action makers. Although it’s not an exhaustive list, here are few of the brightest stars in the political skyline here on campus.

Street preacher guy

Yoshua, a common sight on the UC Berkeley campus, holds his flyers as he stands near Sproul Plaza.

You’ve probably seen this man before, but what matters more is that you’ve heard his sonorous calls toward the faith. His rhetoric is certainly up there with some of the other candidates and he’d look right at home in a room with presidential hopefuls such as Mike Huckabee, Bernie Sanders or Lindsey Graham. Although this would be an out-of-left-field candidate (politics still under review), he has the panache and the flyers for the job.

Robert Reich


Icon. Sex symbol. Looks good in black and white photographs. These are just a few of the praises hoisted upon our wise leader, Robert Reich. You may know Professor Reich from his feature length film, “Inequality for All,” his ever-popular public policy class on wealth and poverty or from his impressively detailed Wikipedia page. The only knock against him is that, in the current presidential field, he is grossly overqualified for the position. It would be like the person who shows up for their first night of babysitting in a suit with sippy-cup cufflinks.

That guy you always see at Crossroads

You met him once when he was still deciding between philosophy and peace and conflict studies. He made a wry joke about modern dating that made him first seem disinterested with life, but on second thought deeply thoughtful about its subtleties. But now, he might be just the man we need to run this nation because his lack of mainstream appeal is his greatest weapon. Upon hearing of his potential candidacy, presidential hopeful Lincoln Chafee (coincidentally, the medical term for seat belt abrasion), decided to bow out of the running.

That girl you decided to get coffee with

smiling girl

You sat next to her in the Physics 7A lecture hall and she seemed knowledgeable about current affairs for an engineer. Despite the fact that your coffee meet-and-greet was unmemorable, you still feel obligated to say hi to her every time you see her before lecture. She is the kind of person that would stop lecture to correct a date on the syllabus and she also happens to be a potential presidential candidate. Early surveys suggest she polls well with women 17 to 19 years of age on her floor in the residential hall.

Image sources: Anya Schultz/Senior Staff, Trinity Collegemarcos ojeda under Creative Commons 

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