Catching up with Troy Bolton

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Back when the “High School Musical” trilogy came out, we at the Clog were still in elementary or middle school. So it’s safe to say that we grew up jamming to Sharpay’s beats and cheering on the Wildcats. It was only natural that we ended up going to the school Troy Bolton chose at the end of the third movie — and although we’re happy about this, we sometimes still wish he were real. A year ago, the Clog imagined what would happen if Troy Bolton actually went to Berkeley. But because we’re freaks, we’re still not over it, and so we made this fictional character sit down for a one-on-one.

Daily Clog: Well we meet again, Troy Bolton! It’s been a year since your graduation from UC Berkeley. How has it been so far?

Troy Bolton: It’s all been so overwhelming; the change feels surreal and liberating at the same time. I can’t believe it’s been six years since I came to this place — time really does fly by.

DC: It sure does. How’s your career going so far?

TB: I ended up majoring in ISF, integrating sports, music and society. It’s definitely a major with slim career prospects, and well, I was admittedly quite apprehensive toward the end. But things are looking good. I’ve partnered with a few sports agencies that have either asked me to direct them on publicity strategies or work as a general advisor for their teams. I’m also part of a theater institute founded by one of my dear friends, Ryan Evans.

DC: Wait, you know Ryan Evans? Oh right, you two went to the same school! Do you still keep in touch with the rest of your high school friends?

TB: I mean, distance and time really do make keeping old bonds difficult. But whenever we go back home, it’s always as good as new. We make sure our summer is full of retreats and intense rounds of basketball.

DC: Speaking of basketball, do you ever plan on returning to it as a full career?

TB: I quit the college team for a reason. Basketball is one of my deepest passions, but it just isn’t the career for me. I remember one of my hardest times was telling my Dad I wanted to quit the team, but it was the right decision. I’ve had time to focus on other things I’m good at and that I can make a career out of.

DC: So you and Gabriella Montez used to be that perfect couple. But after the whole Stanford-Berkeley rivalry seemed to shake you two apart, have you tried to rekindle your relationship?

TB: (sighs) Gabriella … she’s always been my best friend. Right after the break-up, I did try to mend our relationship. People warned me that trees and bears just wouldn’t get along, but I tried. At one point, I just realized I gotta go my own way. It was hard for the first few months, but we eventually bounced back to being good friends. She’s doing well, heading off to Johns Hopkins for medical school. I’m happy for her, I really am.

DC: That’s great to hear. But because you’re a handsome man, is it wrong to assume that you have another woman in your heart?

TB: My Facebook profile would give you the answer to this, but yes, I have a girlfriend — the beautiful Tiara Gold. It’s funny that we went to the same high school but never talked to each other. I used to think she was a little crazy back then (chuckles). But time changes, people change. We’re in the same theater institute now, and things haven’t felt more right.

DC: How adorable! We’re glad your life is currently at a high. But to get to where you are today, what were the challenges you had to face and how did you overcome them?

TB: College was definitely a time full of waves for me. College basketball was a challenge back in the day, and getting out of it was also another hurdle. I knew I wanted to get into theater instantly, but I didn’t have the support I needed. Getting through confusing relationships and choosing a career path was also difficult. But I found my place in the UC Berkeley Men’s Octet eventually, and we’ve been brothers ever since. My best friends, Chad and Kelsie, have also stuck by me.

DC: If you were to give some words of advice to your fellow Bears, what would you say?

TB: Have fun, be crazy and follow your passion, but remember, you gotta getcha head in the game, because college isn’t going to wait for you.

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