Comments overheard at Memorial Glade during the supermoon lunar eclipse

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Kevin Cheung/Staff

On Sunday night, a crowd of UC Berkeley students and residents filed into Memorial Glade to watch the highly anticipated supermoon lunar eclipse.  In case you’re still wondering why it was such a big deal, it’s because an eclipse like this won’t happen again for another 18 years. If you missed it because you had to study for a midterm or didn’t care enough about astronomy to leave your house, we understand. We at the Clog, however, didn’t miss it and we even documented some of the comments we overheard from UC Berkeley folks around us at the glade. Now it’ll be like you never missed this amazing phenomenon.

“It’s almost 8 p.m., what if we miss it!?”

“I’ve never seen so many people gathering on campus at night. It feels like we’re going to a cult event. Or a midterm.”

“So does the moon rise in the east and set in the west?”

“How long should we watch this for? Until we get bored … ?”

“We should’ve brought homework.”

“Is that it over there?? Oh don’t mind me, I think that’s the sunset.”

“They said this would be the best spot to watch it. They lied to us.”

“Guess we’re going to have to wait for 2033.”

“Why are we even here right now … ?”

“The hill is in the way. Can we move the hill?”

“Why do I feel like I’m always let down by these things?”

“It kind of looks like a Styrofoam ball.”

“It looks so amazing. Wow, it’s literally like I can finally see in three dimensions.”

“You know, if you look at it through the leaves of the trees, it kind of makes it look redder.”

“This makes me want to watch Halloweentown.”

“I don’t understand this.  It doesn’t look real, goddamn it!”

“I don’t know, I feel like red moons always foreshadow something evil.”

“I should’ve brought my telescope.”

“Woah. It’s moving fast.”

“Can you take a photo of me with the moon?”

“Dude, don’t you have a midterm tomorrow?”

“Aw man, it just looks brown now.”

“That was fun.  Let’s do it again sometime, maybe in 18 years?”

“How did you get nice photos? All of my photos just look like random yellow blobs.”

“I think the sun is coming out now.”

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