No Bra Day: Feelings almost comparable to not wearing a bra

Lauren Glasby/Staff

No Bra Day is Tuesday, which means that people all over campus will restrain from putting on their favorite Victoria’s Secret bra, right? To those of you who cannot comprehend the pleasures of freeing the nipple, we at the Clog have made a list of feelings somewhat comparable to not wearing a bra so you get a better idea of the sensational feeling.

Walking through Sproul without getting flyered

Maybe it’s your perfect resting bitch face, or perhaps it is the earphones in your ears, but for some particular reason, no one approached you at Sproul today. You were able to get to your class at exactly 12:10 p.m., free of awkward no-thank-you’s, and random flyers inside your backpack. Having an empty hand and a clear walkway? That feeling of freedom is pretty close to not wearing a bra.

Getting the classes you want during Tele-BEARS’ Phase II

After carefully contemplating on your Phase I decisions, you had to compromise some of your less urgent, but equally as important classes. You thought you were screwed until you logged onto Tele-BEARS during Phase II, and realized that there are still spots open in your desired classes. You happily snatch up your well deserved spot up, and are grateful that you’re right on track to declaring your major. That feeling of contentment after being stressed about classes for months is also comparable to taking off a bra.

Going to a line-free bathroom after a large lecture

You had to attend lecture at 9 a.m., and there was no way that you were doing it without some Pete’s coffee from The Den. Coffee might be your best friend, but your bladder might definitely refute that. Releasing the unwanted liquids from your body without any sort of wait is just as satisfying as freeing a chest from the boob cage.

Getting a notice from Electronic Funds Transfer

Though you already know the amount of aid you’re getting from the school, finally attaining the money provides you with some comfort knowing that you’re for sure still going to be a student at UC Berkeley — at least for now. Just like releasing a bra, knowing that your financial aid is still working takes away pressure from your shoulders.

Having video breaks during lecture

The videos that are thrown in your lecture are breaks sent from heaven, and your hands thank your professor for giving them an extra fives minutes to rest. Similarly, that moment when you take off your bra, your chest thanks you for giving them a little break.

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