Segways around UC Berkeley’s campus

David McKelvey/Creative Commons

Segways have gradually become a popular trend on our campus, replacing the $30 light-up Razor scooters from Target. Segways have the ability to cut class-to-class navigation time down to less than half and give a smoother ride than any scooter — no wonder they are a big hit. Especially among the athletes, segways seem to be prominent, but we at the Clog wanted to get different perspectives on this topic.

There have been some rumors floating around about the school funding Segways for athletes. Tre Watson, member of Cal’s football team, clears up this myth by saying that the money comes from “either parents or saved up scholarship checks.”

Russell Ude, a freshman on the football team, has come into UC Berkeley right as the hype for Segways started. The Segway trend is spreading across campus especially among the athletes, and those who are also too lazy to walk, like Ude, have been swayed by its convenience. “They’re like the epitome of American laziness,” he jokes, “but I hate walking so I’m not judging anyone.”

Ude further claims that if segways become a part of our regular routine, the cause of American obesity will surely expand. It is ironic that the people on our campus that we consider to be the most athletic, dread walking around campus — just like we do. Then again, if it allows them to retain more energy for the big games, no one is complaining.

Some students, however, are cynical of this trend. The Clog talked to some students on Sproul and the consensus seemed to be that Segways are extremely unnecessary. In fact, some claim that carrying a segway around might be a bigger hassle than simply walking, and that bikes are a better investment for navigation. Even though Segways are currently all the rage, it appears that some students refuse to hop on this bandwagon.

On the other hand, some people have gone to the extreme of starting a fund to raise money for a Segway, such as Shannon Finley, a sophomore, who has started a GoFundMe. Without actually having prior experience with a Segway, she’s ready to ingrain it into her life. Finley believes that it’ll change the course of her school year, and hopes to “reach the level of efficiency and effortlessness of the human race in WALL-E without being confined to the most archaic form of transportation.” Shannon is adamant about her goal because, let’s be real, who isn’t sick of walking? Uber is doing well for a reason.

The opinions on Segways are polarized, but we can decide on one thing: They make life easier for anyone with an ounce of laziness in them, especially on a campus as big as UC Berkeley’s. With a Segway, students will no longer dread the walk from Dwinelle to Etcheverry, and no one will be forced to compromise the first 10 minutes of the Pokemon DeCal because of distance. Now, the only thing we need to find is money for it.

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