Photo Essay: Alleyway art gallery

Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

In the alley behind the west side of Euclid Avenue, ceramic figures and pottery sit carefully placed in between the bars of a cast-iron fence. The sculptures are surrounded by other found objects — paintings, photos, flags, brasiers, beads and stuffed animals — in an uncommissioned gallery of public art curated by Tad Dellinger III.

Dellinger began collecting items from dumpsters around the community and hanging them on the fence in the alleyway between Hearst Avenue and Ridge Road in 2013. At one point, there were thousands of items exhibited, in a way creating a peculiar record of university life. But most of the collection now remains wrapped up in tarps and tapestries. Dellinger was forced to take down his work a couple of days after an article was published about the art wall.

According to Berkeleyside, after UC Berkeley received complaints, a campus grounds manager requested that the street gallery be disassembled. Dellinger obliged and delicately took down his two-year project. Although this hidden gem, just a block away from Northside, was dismantled, you can still capture a bit of the work’s essence. A handful of found-art objects rest against a portion of the fence on the side of the alley that is not UC-owned.
Displaying these items on a fence in an alleyway is better than letting them take up space in a landfill. Here are some details of what is left of the alleyway art gallery a few months after the dismantling was ordered.

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