Campus White Student Union page created on Facebook

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Update: The UC Berkeley White Student Union Facebook page was deleted Monday. Read more here

A Facebook page for a UC Berkeley White Student Union was created Saturday, causing campus community members to voice their concerns, especially on social media.

According to the group’s mission statement, the White Student Union was founded to “unapologetically provide a safe space for white students to air their true feelings” about the “challenges European-American students on college campuses face.”

It also claimed the group was inspired by its counterpart at UCLA, whose Facebook page indicated that it was created Friday.

A similar page was created at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a response to a Black Lives Matter rally, prompting the campus’s administration to respond, condemning the creation of the group.

Various students took to social media to voice their concerns regarding the group’s creation. While some students expressed anger, some simply doubted the group’s validity.

“From where I am, it seems that students aren’t taking this too seriously, because despite how indicative this is of white supremacy’s presence at Cal, it’s very low on the list of priorities,” said Nisa Dang, a campus senior. “The response has indicated that this type of reactionary, supremacist behavior will not be welcomed or tolerated by students who have been working to uplift the oppressed and marginalized.”

Kevin Sabo, president of the UC Student Association, said he had been in touch with UCSA board members regarding how to address the group. He has also personally reported the page to Facebook, as have other community members, but said the issue was still under review.

“Events like this can be triggering for communities of color who are underrepresented and feel microaggressions everyday,” Sabo said. “This is a slap in the face.”

Associate Chancellor and Dean of Students Joseph Greenwell responded to several students’ concerns on Facebook on Sunday evening, stating that the campus was looking into the group because of a “violation of the use of the University brand.”

The creators of the Facebook page declined to respond for comment.

Check back here for updates. 

Adrienne Shih is an assistant news editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @adrienneshih.

Because of misinformation from a source, a previous version of this article incorrectly stated that a protest was planned in tandem with the Black Student Union and BAMN. In fact, the rally was not organized with these two organizations.

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  • Micah 李 文 Jung

    How are chinese blacks and so called minoriites being margainlized and yet the whites are begining to feel that?

  • boscoblitz

    I cannot understand how a university who allows a Black or Asian or gay student union thinks there a problem with a white student union. If you cannot have a white student union then you should not have any of the others period!

  • Epoche

    affirmative action and jim crow are the same thing.

  • Chuck Yeager

    keyword: “history” John J. is talking about the present. Try to keep up Tim.

  • Feet2Fire

    OK, so Facebook and its ilk keep shutting down these efforts by white students to create their own ‘union.’

    Those kids need to get inventive and show some initiative and circumvent the social media by creating their own domains and websites. Plenty of people would be willing to donate to help their efforts. They’re just setting themselves up for repeated sabotage if they keep messing around with Facebook and twitter. If their HEART and SOUL are in this, they should get off their behinds and do it right. Do NOT cave under to a little pressure by those who want to stamp out your constitutional right to freedom of expression and freedom of association. Good luck!

    • The Puppetmaster
      • Feet2Fire

        Thanks for the post and suggestions. The Breitbart article is linked below:

        IMO, what is needed is some sort of ‘bridge’ between the virtual world and the real world. WHITE STUDENT UNIONS could become a collective effort across campuses all over America, and their online presence could be an adjunct to their offline activities, with more than just predictable verbiage and rhetoric that mimicks the Black Union movement. Make it into an educational project that addresses the underlying causes for the racial tensions, and give concrete examples… Focus on real ethnic heritage and make it more than “skin deep.”

        The time is ripe for something beyond the usual hate-filled arguing and strife and protesting. Let the goal be to transcend the age-old race-baiting and actually grow beyond it! And let it be open to anybody who wishes to participate–not just students. Even if we have to be designated as “friends” or “sponsors” instead of active members. There are many who would like to help “birth” some peaceful progress in this whole sphere.


  • BadKitty

    There is still a “White Student Union at UC Berkeley” page, as of 11/24.
    They must have put it back up again.

  • lspanker

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Let the crybabies protesting the WSU wet their pants over this – nobody in the real world takes them seriously anyway.

  • Basement Lifter

    Whites have the right to gather and debate. Tell the blacks to go back to Africa if they do not like it.

  • John Smith

    Considering the Congressional Black Caucus doesn’t allow crackas or kikes in their klan, there should be a Congressional White Caucus too. Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.

  • Tyler

    I think this is a great way to expose the racist views and double standards present in academia these days. Certainly all these protests by BLM and other black groups on campus meet the definition of a “micro-aggression” toward people of European decent. To Kevin Sabo, who called this a “slap in the face”, you are right, it is a rhetorical slap in the face, and I should say, you certainly deserve it, the fact that you view it as a slap in the face shows everyone that you are exposed.

  • calwatch

    If real white students wanted to create a White Student Union and the administration shut them down, I would be against it. After all, about a decade ago there was an African American who was president of the Asian American Association.

    If a white student wanted to attend a general Black Student Union meeting and was shut down then he should sue. White people show up to BAMN meetings all the time. But until an actual student stands up, creates a white student union, and gets shut down by administration, then all this is a giant troll. In reality, white student unions exist everywhere – they’re called fraternities and sororities, and although most of them admit non-whites, they are looking for people who fit the preppy, affluent mold and who are culturally white even though they may not ethnically be.

  • NotYouNotSure

    These universities are permanently stuck in 1960, we are actually living in 2015, the narrative that whites have all this power and are burning crosses is utter nonsense. If whites really did have all this power, then they would certainly be able to form white unions, and they certainly would not be relentlessly attacked and forced to pay for students that hate on them endlessly.

  • Cucksmasher_14

    It’s been over 100 years since slavery was abolished. Can anyone give a coherent reason why blacks are still here? Can anyone explain how this somehow benefits us?

  • Eastwood

    Message to all white people: Never be ashamed of who you are, love yourself and your history.

    • NotYouNotSure

      Not if you want to go to Berkeley, such beliefs are verboten.

      • ThomasER916

        This is why I support school shootings.

  • Jordan

    I understand why the left is scared of white people unifying. The last time we did it we explored the world, civilized the savages, and brought a new age upon humanity.

  • Awhite Mann

    Having a student union based on common ethnicity is certainly not unprecedented and, in light of the pervasive and growing hostility in academia and American culture toward people of European descent and the historic contributions they have made to this country and humanity, having a White student union at a university whose student body is only 29% White is hardly out-of-place or unnecessary. The disgusting anti-White racism that has exploded on the Facebook page is evidence that White student unions are much needed in 2015 America.

  • Jerry S

    About friggin time! Whites are the minority in Kalifornia, y’know.

  • Kvasir

    It’s good to see Whites standing up for themselves against the organized communist groups that are using Blacks as a battering ram for those ends. Blacks don’t want to assimilate or integrate and never did nor are they really compatible with White society and culture. They should have their own states or land where they can live autonomously away from Whites where they would prefer to be. If the communist Jews hadn’t organized them in the 60’s as a force to break up White nationalism it’s quite feasible that they would have their own sovereign “nation.”

  • Khalisnky

    IT’S REAL SIMPLE: for anyone who has a concern that these FaceBook pages are the work of white supremacist trolls – and they may well be – go to their FaceBook page and ask that they post a picture of a hardcopy of today’s Daily Cal with campus buildings in the background. This wouldn’t put them at risk and would begin to give us a better sense of what we’re dealing with.

    • Tim L

      Most of the racist trolls commenting here are obviously not from Berkeley/NorCal

  • Dintdo Nuffin

    I think it’s great that blacks want to segregate themselves away from others according to race. Its something the south did for years. So the South had the right idea. I’ve been to Africa and except for South Africa, most of the people of that continent still lives in mud huts with dirt floors no plumbing or electricity.

    Remember folks when people call for diversity, they are calling for less white people. At no time does anyone demand diversity in a majority black structure.

  • Jeri

    Other groups want to heap condemnation upon white people, blaming them for centuries of ills perpetrated by people long dead who were motivated by social norms long condemned. After having guilt for the ages heaped upon them, is it any wonder that these vulnerable young people want to find support among similarly situated individuals? Shame upon the schools entrusted with their lives and education for leaving them vulnerable to such abuse in the first place. I can’t comprehend why I don’t hear more outrage from the parents. I would be using every legal tool at my disposal to redress the emotional harm being willfully inflicted on white students at these institutions of “higher” learning.

  • Tim L

    Without any context regarding systematic white supremacy in American history, white supremacist groups seem fairly logical, history and facts are again rearing their ugly head

  • Tim L

    Tell us more of the white diaspora lol

  • Mina17

    Bring on the attorneys.
    If there are any sane heads left at these schools, they will realize that denying white students a union of their own will end up generating lawsuits, which will be costly and having to waste precious dollars on foregone conclusions will not end well.

  • Judy Mothers

    White Facebook page? Ewwwwww……Gelded Zuckie Boy will have them all taken down.

  • josh

    it appals me that in the current year, people who think that they are white actually think that they are white. SMH.

    White supremacy, and thus whiteness itself, must be destroyed in order to bring about equality once and for all. I don’t mean that white people must be killed. I simply mean that the notion of “whiteness” must be destroyed. This would imply that people who think that they are white cease to think that they are white. As we al know, whiteness is a social construct that was constructed in the 17th century to justify colonialism.

    We all know that race is a social construct because Science and The Current Year. Racists are dumb and they are, thankfully, a dying breed. They won’t be able to spread their hate genes, how ironic, for very much longer.

    As we all know, genetics and race is a lie spread by Charles Murray in the Bell curve. There is simply no correlation between race and genetics. And the notion that genetics has anything to do with societal outcomes is absurd.

    • lspanker

      As we all know, genetics and race is a lie spread by Charles Murray in the Bell curve.

      So you have no problem with race-blind admissions to Cal, correct? After all, those “under-represented” people are just as smart as the white folks, so they should be able to stand on their own two feet without any special favors…

  • Liviv

    The issue isn’t with the WSU per say its just that the creation of it at a time like this is in bad taste. It almost seems to be mocking the issues that people who are systematically oppressed face. By all means go ahead and assemble white people (its not like we don’t do it anyway) but to create a page stating the need for a “safe space” is rude. It is simply undermining, there are people out there who face discrimination daily because they are minorities, hence the creation of LGBTQ organizations and the Black Student Union. Creating a White Student Union is like creating a Mens Union at the moment when a feminist movement is going on. So its not like people don’t want white people to assemble or whatever its just the way in which the group came about and its whole mission just seems a little condescending. Whats seven sadder is that it is affiliated with Berkeley.

    • hadabellyfull

      marxist baloney-look at the whites in SOUTH AFRICA today.-your opinion of what is BAD TASTE,is a smoldering feces,

      • Tim L

        the good old days of apartheid, you couldn’t be more clear

    • lspanker

      The issue isn’t with the WSU per say its just that the creation of it at a time like this is in bad taste. It almost seems to be mocking the issues that people who are systematically oppressed face.

      It IS mocking those issues, and good for them. The people who are whining and crying about being “systematically oppressed” on the Cal campus are in reality some of the most privileged creatures on the planet.

  • Matthew Paramor

    You really didn’t even attempt to reach out to them for comment?

    That’s some quality journalism right there.

    • lspanker

      “Journalism” and “Daily Cal” are mutually exclusive concepts.

  • Doctor Mayhem


  • Nicholas I


  • Nicholas I

    Is this right?

  • Jimbo

    Excellent. Whites are waking up! Diversity = White Genocide!

  • University should only be for humans. Well that’s what I think anyway.

  • Black lives don’t register with me.



  • That’s your problem. Turn to Christ!

    • captainc

      Will that make him less Jewy?

  • Sieg Heil.

  • DoctorKhan

    I don’t get it. What’s the problem with a white student union?

    • Matthew Paramor

      It doesn’t fit within the white privilege narrative.

  • Nonwhites are so self-conscious of their own inferiority that the very existence of a White-European group causes their minds to break down in seizures of imaginary “microaggressions” and sends them into a rabid frenzy.

  • Mark Talmont

    I would say that anyone who dares to associate themselves with this is showing vastly more courage than any of the bellowing mushmouths I see associating themselves with the BLM. Many of them seem to specialize in a menacing style tip-toeing as close as they can to making overt threats; and sites like and have evidence of actual threats by some left-wing race nationalist groups. Meanwhile government and academia in particular are infested with anti-white race nationalist fanatics obsessed with policing anyone who dares to say something in opposition to their policy demands, many of which go directly against laws on the books that are supposed to protect all people against racial discrimination. Ominously this behavior seems to be oozing it’s way into the private sector as well

    I retain some suspicion that these web sites may be provocations intended to stir some discussion without any actual public association. If there does emerge a genuine advocacy organization I wish them luck because the current federal and state governments are going to treat it as a greater threat than even someone expressing sympathies with ISIS. It would probably be a better strategy to package this as a “Civil Rights Union” or something like that simply asking for the “equal treatment under that law” that is supposed to prevail anyway. I simply do not comprehend why any public university has got any business providing such things as segregated “theme houses”. If you want to be with your “own kind” so bad, rent a house yourself. There are still some places around here where you can get a pretty cheap rent and there won’t be many white people nearby to offend your sensibilities. (Might be a little noisy though).

  • Jamie

    This is terrible journalism. You didn’t even cover the part of the mission statement that people are upset about. It’s not about them assembling, its about what they stand for illustrated in their second to last paragraph of their mission statement.

  • Khalisnky

    DAAAAAAMN Stanford just formed one! NUTZ!!!

  • Myron Gaines

    The extremely hostile and aggressive reaction to this page serves to justify its existence, in my opinion.