Tunesday: Coming home

The holidays are approaching and for most of us, that means packing our bags and heading home. Yet for others, nostalgia sets in as we reminisce on heart-wrenching memories of the past. Let yourself get lost as you settle into the comfort of your home with these tunes.

“Home”— Daughtry

This acoustic melody fronted by Chris Daughtry in the American rock band is the perfect tune for those nostalgic and missing home. If you are yearning for the way things used to be, this song is the perfect reminder that even with change, home is the one unalterable trope that remains the same. A finalist on the fifth season of “American Idol,” Daughtry has been creating new music since 2006 and sings to memories of recollection and regret in this number.

“The House That Built Me”— Miranda Lambert

So many times, you look back on a memory and recall every detail of the moment from the beginning to the end. In this music video, country music artist Miranda Lambert depicts home as her safe haven as she returns to the house where she grew up. With lyrics such as “I thought if I could touch this place or feel it / This brokenness inside me might start healing,” the tender words create a perfect backdrop for drives.

“I’m Coming Home”— Diddy – Dirty Money

This softspoken rap featuring Skylar Grey expresses the joys and pains of coming home with gut-wrenching power. As the chorus chants “I’m coming home / Tell the world I’m coming home,” American rapper Diddy gives listeners a unique perspective of the anxiety that can come with returning to the place you were raised. Yet as the song comes to a close, Diddy’s powerful message lingers in the back of our minds: “A house is not a home.”

Lego House — Ed Sheeran

English singer-songwriter and musician Ed Sheeran compares building his relationship to modeling a house. The stanzas switch off from describing his lover to how they could decorate their house together, even if things fell apart.

Heartbeat — Carrie Underwood

The only song that illustrates home as a person instead of a place on this list, “Heartbeat” gives listeners a taste of a fairytale coming to life. As American singer-songwriter Carrie Underwood croons, “Standing on your shoes in my bare feet, dancing to the rhythm of your heartbeat,” listeners come to an important realization: Sometimes going home does not mean returning to a place, but instead it means a person or group of people.


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