Not all heroes wear masks, but Naked Run participants do

Carina Zhao/Staff

At 9 p.m. on Tuesday, a group of 30-40 UC Berkeley students participated in the infamous Naked Run, which takes place every semester during RRR Week. Electricity and excitement buzzed in the air as the runners scrambled to change out of their clothes and into their costumes of choice from within the confines of Moffitt Library’s stairwell. We at the Clog were fortunate enough to witness these masked heroes in action as they evoked shouts of amusement, shock and cheer from the unsuspecting prisoners of Main Stacks. Students unchained themselves from their desks and joined the runners’ clapping and whooping — it was the study break that we all didn’t know we needed. To express our gratitude for these naked and unafraid bearers of joy, we at the Clog came up with rad superhero names for some of our favorite masked runners.

The Santa Slayer

Donning nothing but a cheeky grin and a Santa hat with “Naughty” inscribed in gold letters, this student brought some much-needed holiday cheer to the hearts of spectators suffering from RRR Week depression. We now have Michael Buble’s holiday album on repeat.

The Phantom of the Library

A timeless classic like “Phantom of the Opera” never loses its appeal, which is why the mysterious student sporting the famous white mask left us all a little intrigued. We’re still wondering who you are…

The Butterfly Catcher

Mad respect to the student who was able to run at full speed while simultaneously holding up a butterfly mask. This week, it’s been difficult for most of us to walk and eat at the same time.

The Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

This one’s for the student who successfully pulled off  a blue artist’s hat and a lei. We have a feeling that this unlikely combination will soon become one of the top fads of 2016.

The Lion Tamer

The student with the fuzzy lion hat has got it all — warmth, power and style. We thought this look did a great job of reminding us of our own inner prowess.

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