Sonny Dykes agrees to extension to stay at Cal through 2019

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On Thursday, it was announced that Cal football head coach Sonny Dykes has signed a two-year contract extension to stay with the team through 2019 for a total of $11.3 million. Dykes has been given a $3 million salary pool for his assistants. The extension includes a “one-year rollover clause” for every year the team wins seven regular-season games and achieves an annual Academic Progress Rate, or APR, of 980 or more.

Despite interviewing with at least one other school, Missouri, Dykes decided to remain with the Bears.

This decision comes on the heels of reports that Dykes viewed remaining as the head coach as a “last resort” option and definitely not his first choice.

Dykes led the Bears to a 13-23 record over his three-year tenure, including making Cal’s first bowl game appearance in four years this season. He was also a part of the program that raised the team’s APR to what appears will be 997 when the report is released in the spring, nearing a perfect 1000 and up from 941 last year.

“We are pleased to announce we have agreed to terms with Coach Dykes and look forward to him continuing to lead our football program,” said athletic director Mike Williams in a statement from Cal Athletics. “We are very proud of our football program’s turnaround and growth over the past three years. … Turning around a program is not an easy task and in three years, Sonny and his staff have been instrumental in re-establishing a strong culture for our football program. Our expectations at Cal are high and we are confident that Sonny will have our program fighting consistently for a Pac-12 title, a major bowl berth and inclusion in the national football conversation.”

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  • So Kali

    Losers don’t come Cheap!

  • Bob Bell

    “Sonny Dykes was hired to be better than the coach he replaced.” Fair enough, but I don’t see why you think Tedford’s FIRST years’ statistics have any relevance. Dykes was hired to replace the coach Tedford was in 2012 (you know, 1-11 and program in disarray). After a rough first year (also 1-11, with mostly Tedford’s players) the program has been improving, that’s why I feel Dykes should be given the 5 years of his original contract to see what he can do. I also said (and this is an actual quote from my post), “I don’t think Sonny is the long term answer”. Speaking of actual quotes, to make up a statement which is totally unrepresentative of another person’s position, AND THEN PUT THAT STATEMENT IN QUOTATION MARKS, is quite simply lying. No other word for it.

  • So Kali

    Another gigantic failure and expen$ive to boot. Well we knew noting could possibly improve under Nepalitano, the Queen of the TSA stumble bums!

    • yosemiteone

      But you continue to support the party. LOL

  • JohnFHudson

    When everyone knows that the coach would really rather be somewhere else it is not possible for him to make a credible pitch for recruits to come to Cal. How do the players feel knowing that the head coach is wanting to jump whenever he can? It sure must make Jared Goff want to play another year. Extending Dykes’ contract most stupid move possible. A football coach must be able to project enthusiasm. A football team must have enthusiasm. Playing football is irrational. Football cannot be played in a state of detached reflection. When he let everyone know he wanted to leave that enthusiasm cannot be generated.

    • So Kali

      They don’t “think” John. Where did you get that silly idea that jocks “Think”?

  • nooo, please take him off of our hands Missouri. We don’t want him!

  • Jay Davis

    Well, at least he has drastically improved the APR. It was embarrassing at one point before his arrival.

    • s randall

      I agree. Todd Bozeman (basketball) won. Mike White won. We don’t need to win. We need to run an ethical program.

      • John Smith

        If those are mutually exclusive choices, my friend, we need not to do this at all BUT, if we do, we don’t need to hire a tutor as a football coach.

        Apparently, Cal thinks knowing how to run a tutoring program is more important than knowing how to teach football skills. The head of a tutoring program should not be paid $2.8 million per year, should he??

    • John Smith

      Except he’s paid to coach football, not tutor. What is “embarrassing” is to not only give a contract extension to a man who is 1 out of 20 when playing conference opponents with winning records over the last 3 years, but to give that incompetent clown a $900,000 per year raise.

      Were Dykes a surgeon with 19 out of his last 20 patients sent to the morgue instead of the recovery room, I’m pretty sure he’d be given a pink slip, not a guaranteed $11.2 million for the next 4 years.

      • s randall

        Dykes was hired knowing that he’d have to comply with tightened admission standards for his recruits. Admissions standards have been an item of discussion at Wisconsin and Notre Dame. Consider this article:

        When you make winning the priority, other things suffer. Our traditional rival is Stanford, not Alabama (no disrespect to Alabama). If Stanford can do it, we can do it.

  • Bob Bell

    Could have been worse (i.e. a longer extension). Dykes has more than his share of critics on these pages, so please spare me all your statistics on how Cal hasn’t beaten a team that outscored it, or whatever tortured statistics you like to quote. Fact is, most teams get most of their wins against lousy teams. Cal has shown improvement over Dykes’ tenure, and he deserves his full 5 years (original contract) to see where he can take Cal. I’m guessing this extension is mostly window dressing so he doesn’t have to recruit the next two years as a “lame duck”. I don’t think Sonny is the long term answer, but I don’t think Nick Saben has been calling either. Let’s reevaluate in 2017.