‘Inside (and) Out’ of this semester


Now that finals have ended and most of us have returned home, some of us may be feeling a range of conflicting emotions in response to the end of another semester at UC Berkeley. These concurring emotions can make it difficult to define exactly what we’re feeling at this point in winter break. We at the Clog found that this combination of emotions resembles an idea depicted in a recent movie “Inside Out,” which is close to all of our hearts. So to help you get in touch with your more sensitive side, here is our interpretation of the five emotions you may be experiencing now that the semester is over.


Looking back at the decisions you made and the corresponding negative outcomes that you might not have anticipated may cause unwarranted feelings of regret. You definitely should’ve started studying for the final worth 40 percent of your grade way before you agreed to go to Odesza with your housemates, but the damage has already been done. You might wish you had signed up for your classes based on their grade distribution rather than how “interesting” they sounded at the time, but who can blame you for wanting to have an unconventional schedule? Or maybe you regret not applying for a job after realizing that you spend enough money on food and entertainment to make people think you actually have an income. It’s okay; you can always convince yourself that those 15 weeks didn’t happen. But if you can’t, you do have all of next semester to redeem yourself.


There is nothing better than the surge of relief that you feel after you walk out of your last final, no matter how ill-prepared you may have been. You can perform that satisfying post-exam tab-closing ritual and never look at your notes for your fall 2015 classes ever again. You probably treated yourself to some warm boba while procrastinating on packing to go home the next day, but who cares? You have all the time in the world now. You can sleep until 3 p.m. without the guilt of missing class or wasting valuable study time. You can finally catch up on all of the shows and movies that have been waiting for you for the past couple of agonizing weeks or spend time with friends you haven’t seen in months. And you even have the time now to reflect on the past semester, forget the classes you no longer have to worry about or people you no longer have to see and focus on all of the unforgettable memories you made.


Looking back, this semester wasn’t too bad after all. For the most part, you’re satisfied with the decisions and experiences that defined it. Maybe you joined a new campus organization and found people with whom you really clicked. Maybe you became so close with your current roommates that they’re essentially family now. Maybe you decided to say yes to more road trips and food runs and concerts. Maybe you restructured your study habits and now your grades are a little less concerning. Or maybe you finally found a major you’re passionate about after changing it for the third time in the last year and a half. Whether it was due to luck, your personal choices or your outlook, you feel like you had a positive overall experience this past semester. And that feels pretty good.


As stressful as this semester may have been, you eventually became accustomed to your daily routine, and it probably ended up going by way more quickly than you anticipated. Now that it’s over, no matter what you had to endure, you can’t help but admit there are certain aspects of the past four months that you’re going to miss. Maybe you’ll miss your morning coffee from Peet’s or your weekend brunches at Crossroads. You’ll miss people-watching from your apartment window every night or on your way to campus every morning. You’ll miss the pretty Berkeley sunsets and Bay views. You’ll miss the lab partners and GSIs and coworkers that you complained about all semester just to realize you actually kind of liked them. There are plenty of memories throughout the past couple of months that will make you miss your life in Berkeley even when you’re back home.


Regardless of whether this past semester has been your best, you may already be feeling hopeful for the spring. You’ve recognized what went well and what didn’t this semester and are determined to make changes accordingly. Maybe you spent a lot of time with one group of friends but are ready to branch out and meet new people. Maybe you joined a club that you fell in love with and want to be on the executive board of next semester. Maybe you took a class on a topic that you realize you’re now interested in and want to explore more in depth. There’s still plenty of time and opportunities to take advantage of next semester. All you need is the will and a little positivity.

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