50 thoughts you have while walking in the rain

Kayla Baskevitch/Staff
Kayla Baskevitch/File
Kayla Baskevitch/Staff

There have been quite a few rainy days in Berkeley since the beginning of the semester. We at the Clog haven’t quite been enjoying it, but we do enjoy complaining about it. With the weather forecast predicting a few days of rain, we at the Clog decided to create a list of 50 thoughts you might have while walking to class on a typical rainy day.

  1. There really is no better way to start the semester.
  2. There’s nothing I’d rather wake up to than dark skies and heavy showers on a Monday morning at 7:50 a.m.
  3. Happy Monday, everyone.
  4. Screw it, I’m staying in bed.
  5. No, I’ll go. I’m weak.
  6. Does this mean the drought is over?
  7. Maybe there’s hope for our climate.
  8. I actually kind of miss that drought now.
  9. But this is good; water is a good thing.
  10. Maybe it’ll stop later in the day.
  11. Nope, 80 percent chance of rain from now until 3 a.m.
  12. Maybe I should be optimistic, 20 percent isn’t horrible.
  13. If this was class and it was curved, that might still be a passing grade.
  14. It’s not like I was going to be playing outside, anyway.
  15. If I were an optimist, maybe I’d think rainy days were romantic.
  16. But who am I kidding, I hate every minute of this.
  17. Cold and rainy are not things that are supposed to be associated with California.
  18. I knew I should’ve gone to UCLA.
  19. Don’t forget the umbrella. Don’t forget the umbrella.
  20. At least this gives me an excuse to wear my new rain boots.
  21. Holding this umbrella is kind of burdensome.
  22. I think I need a bigger umbrella, or a car.
  23. I can feel the frizz in my hair expanding with each step.
  24. I think I just got stabbed in the eye by a water pellet.
  25. I probably smell like a wet dog right now.
  26. Should have known the effort I put into my appearance this morning would be futile.
  27. Maybe if I don’t look in the mirror all day, I can convince myself that I look okay.
  28. I have a strong urge check my phone, but then it might get wet.
  29. It’s worth the risk.
  30. The streets seem kind of empty.
  31. I wonder where the people who table on Sproul go when it rains.
  32. I wonder where the squirrels go when it rains.
  33. O.K., how do I get around this puddle?
  34. I’m already walking toward it. I’m just going to have to be brave.
  35. I’ll just step really slowly.
  36. Nope, still splashed onto my pants.
  37. I’m a child. I’m a child splashing into rain puddles.
  38. It’s just water. I was too dry anyway.
  39. I didn’t ask for this.
  40. Is this what I get for waking up for my 8 a.m.? Is this my compensation?
  41. Even the universe doesn’t want me to go to class.
  42. Wet jeans definitely make the top five on my list of least pleasant feelings.
  43. Campus is so sad-looking in the rain.
  44. Never mind, campus is always sad-looking at 8 a.m.
  45. I just want to get to class so I can be warm.
  46. How do I strategically close my umbrella early enough to avoid bad luck, but late enough as to not get wet in the rain?
  47. I finally made it to class and everything’s wet.
  48. But I’m warm.
  49. At least everyone else looks equally as bad as me.
  50. Solidarity.

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