Quiz: Which Berkeley dessert place are you?

Omil Xia/File

From CREAM to Yogurt Land, there’s no shortage of dessert places in Berkeley. These delicious places cause us to lose lots of money weekly. We eat there so much, in fact, that perhaps we have started to become them. So in this week of Clog, we have decided to see which dessert place our readers are most likely to be.

  1. What do you put on first in the morning?
    1. A shirt. How else will you decide the rest of your outfit?
    2. Crazy socks. Your feet are cold, and that’s all that matters
    3. Whatever you see first. You’re too tired to dabble in outfit making
    4. Accessories
    5. Whatever looks the best first
  2. What language would you want to learn the most?
    1. You just want a British accent
    2. German
    3. Any language will look good on a resume
    4. French
    5. You can barely handle English alone
  3. Which genre of movie is the best?
    1. Romance
    2. Action
    3. Mystery
    4. Documentary
    5. Thriller
  4. Pick the best first date.
    1. Going on a scavenger hunt
    2. Going to a party
    3. Having the date be a complete surprise
    4. Dinner and a movie (the classic)
    5. Just hanging out together and making food by yourselves
  5. Which childhood game was your favorite?
    1. Capture the Flag
    2. Tag
    3. Hide and Seek
    4. Hopscotch
    5. Four Square
    1. You’re Menchie’s. You’re always put together, and you’ll go to far lengths to get what you want. Also, you love exploring, which is probably how you found out the location of Menchie’s in the first place.
    2. You’re Yogurtland. You love to have fun, and chances are you’re loud and outgoing. Most of the time you’re the center of attention because people come to you when they want to have a good time.
    3. You’re Yogurt Park. You’re classic, but you’re also unpredictable. You never want to do the same thing twice and you’re not worried about other people’s opinions.
    4. You’re Ici. You’re like Menchie’s in that you’re always put together, but you also have an air of unpredictability like Yogurt Park. Basically, you’re the best of both worlds.
    5. You’re CREAM. You’ve always been everyone’s favorite since the others don’t even begin to compete. You have friends from all sorts of friend groups and a bunch of varying hobbies, so you’re never bored or lonely.

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