Berkeley resident Fred Dodsworth files to run for District 6 council seat

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Berkeley resident Fred Dodsworth filed his intent to run for the District 6 council seat Monday.

Councilmember Susan Wengraf has occupied the seat since 2008, and was reelected for a second term in 2012. Wengraf has yet to express whether or not she is running for the seat in November.

Dodsworth has participated in various city movements, including work on landlord-tenant relations, most recently sitting on a steering committee that organized a convention to choose candidates for a pro-tenant slate for the Rent Stabilization Board elections in 2014.

Municipal elections will be held Nov. 8, 2016, when city residents will be voting on candidates for four council seats, as well as the mayoral seat that will be left vacant by current Mayor Tom Bates.

Adrienne Shih is the city news editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @adrienneshih.

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  • Personal Best

    Dodsworth’s political buffoonism – part Ralph Kramden, part Trump, and the rest, a town drunk – is a throwback to the days when they called this place “Bezerkeley.” A gaggle of gaggles, Dodsworth has as much chance of winning a District seat in Berkeley as David Duke.

    This demented leftist inebriate – aka “crazy” Fred – is still living in a Berkeley that has all but vanished. He inhales his own brand of narcissisistic radicalism, preaching rampantly outdated, sixties-style ideologies that bear no resemblance to the prevailing winds of identity politics, flourishing qualities of life in Berkeley neighborhoods, and rapid technological change. A new generation has arrived, Fred. Your fossil-like behavior stands out like a sore thumb to your neighbors.

    • jharold

      Dear Personal Best,
      If you disagree with Mr. Dodsworth’s politics then I suggest you make a case for your position instead of engaging in insults and personal attacks. This sort of incivility on your part only serves to undermine your argument.

  • FullHeart

    Mr. Spitzer, your unfounded, libelous comments about Mr. Dodsworth are contradicted
    by his many decades working as a writer, journalist, editor and
    publisher. He would not have a multiple decades long career in journalism,
    publishing, editing and writing if he were “a complete incompetent”.
    Personal bias is not fact.

    • Dan Spitzer

      Dodsworth was unable to hold a position anywhere in the realm of publishing. This speaks volumes…

  • Dan Spitzer

    Fred Dodsworth was once involved with a previous incarnation of San Francisco Magazine and writers who interacted with him found him to be a complete incompetent. One hopes that Mr. Dodsworth will not bring his ineptitude to the Berkeley City Council…

  • Hildah

    What a joke. Mr Dodsworth and his cohorts are not concerned with district 6 issues.

    • FullHeart

      how do you know what Mr. Dodsworth and his unidentified “cohorts” are concerned with?