Collected poems from napkins and scraps of paper

Willow Yang/Staff

XRated or Dead Week: take your pick (one hits faster)


I need to study!

I need a buddy!

Or TEN/Plus like


…in the same room.

Listening to tunes.

Tobacco spittoons!

What’s time it’s like 2!

Now 4!

I’m opening the door!

Chop to come down

…down down

I’m fried.

…guess I need more

midterm at 2:

…out of brain by 4.

So here kiddies what did we learn today in class?

…amphetamines will help you pass!

(but not retain

…cuz it ruins your brain)


Purple Paradox


Sometimes I feel blue

It’s true

That’s why you shouldn’t do acid

If only I had some red

I’d rather like that mix


For purple is perfect

Perfect in my mind

Two polar colors eternally entwined

One blazing passion

One cool as can be

Cause a balanced reaction

Of aesthetic synergy


Sweet as confection

Or dark as confession

With such a wide range on the spectrum

You embody my boiling emotion

For all I want to do is chill with a girl and sip potion


Ode to the Faint of Cardio

To Whom it May Concern:

(Ironically my subjects wouldn’t be)


Oh fair weather faux

Bent over rows

Rack your fucking weights

It’s a simple task

If you’re not an ass

Really see how little it takes

To be aware

Of someone else

Yes, care for someone other than yourself

And if that’s still too hard

Think of how you would like to approach the bar

Tragedy of the Commons : personal responsibility

It’s truly not uncommon

It seems the only thing people are conscious of is others’ mistakes

And yeah it’s my job

Still no excuse to act like a slob

What if I came in your home, girl or lab

And just was a total DAB

And left it huh??

(How would you like that you little fuckin’ expletive I will end you)

*deep breath ok I’m done

think of it as a final farmer’s walk  to finish your lift

…but do it cuz it makes you a better person not cuz of the fear of God I‘ll put in you