That girl in the photo

Franchesca Spektor/Staff

That girl in the photo

has eyes

that are the moist soil

that flowers stem from



gives advice like the worn pages of a children’s book

like a dream no one would admit to having


That girl in the photo

makes you see sunlight in a storm

and gives unexpected gestures of happiness

like the ocean swallowing

your toes in the sand



is the oasis in a bleak desert,

the blue ribbon winning flower,

and reminds you of summertime

with warm breezes and fresh linens


That girl in the photo

she grew to be a warrior one day

when she started to learn

to love herself

for who she was


There is this person

whose eyes are sweet perfection

with dreams full of adventure

that compass you to what you love


This person

whose voice wraps around your bones

with advice so comforting

and a presence that secures the insecure


There is this person

whose bright laughter and tender smiles

and immense heart and warm hugs

are the reasons I write poetry


This person

whose laughter is like

half-lost memories and

I never want it to end


He has eyes like fire,

to challenge the raindrops in mine,

and hands and hugs like water,

enveloping and softening all they touch


He has skin like porcelain velvet

that foreshadows the moon

with an immense heart and loving smile

that make you fall in love with being alive


He is

the brightened sum in a balanced equation

the glimmering addition of a coveted star

and the better hopes and meaningful dreams

of shining smiles.


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