Berkeley resident files to run for District 2 City Council election


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Nanci Armstrong-Temple filed her intent to run for the District 2 Berkeley City Council seat last Monday.

Armstrong-Temple was previously endorsed at a meeting of progressive voters that had taken place the Saturday before she announced her candidacy. The City Council candidate currently runs a dance program in Berkeley and identifies herself as an activist and mother, according to her business website.

The meeting of progressive voters was hosted by the Berkeley Progressive Alliance, Berkeley Citizens Action and Berkeley Tenants Union. Only two candidates from District 2 were present at the meeting — Armstrong-Temple and Cheryl Davila.

In her response to a questionnaire written by the Berkeley Progressive Alliance, Armstrong-Temple stated that the primary issues she would address as a City Council member would be “affordable housing, gentrification/development for profit, and the militarization of the police.” She is also concerned about UC Berkeley’s use of public spaces for profit.

“There has been a deep disenfranchisement of the people in the city of Berkeley,” Armstrong-Temple said in the questionnaire. “There is a fast­-paced development and profit mindset that has taken over our city and made it more important to our city officials to get rid of things that make it ‘look bad’ rather than spend the time and energy to find real solutions to deep and long-­term problems.”

Some of Armstrong-Temple’s ideas include imposing a 90-day moratorium on evictions, investment in housing and the repeal of both Proposition 13, which reduced property taxes, and the Costa-Hawkins Law, which implemented vacancy decontrol and allows property owners to increase rent when units are unoccupied.

According to James Reagan, another candidate for the District 2 City Council seat, most people running for election share the same goals with an emphasis on affordable housing.

Four people have filed to run for the District 2 seat this year, including current Councilmember Darryl Moore.

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  • Pietro Gambadilegno

    When is the last time an incumbent lost a city council election? These people are just playing a game. Moore will obviously win.

  • BFlatlander

    Bub Bye. You’re dead coming out of the gate if you want to come after everyone who owns a house in Berkeley.

  • James Reagan

    While candidates and incumbents alike support affordable housing as a hot ticket item for campaign electability, no one offers a good solution.
    To sat I’m for affordable housing is exactly what it means. I’m for it but don’t have a plan.
    What’s worse incumbents have skirted the issue for years on end with no success rather but to back Mayor Bates bulldozer express and hand the keys to the city to outside developers as they gentrify our neighborhoods.
    My support for BPA/BCA and. Berkeley Tenants Union for higher development fees and more low income housing is paramount to my own campaign.
    New development should be raised from 10% to 25% and AMI should be lower than 50% to give students, seniors and homeless a better shot at a studio or one bedroom apartment.
    Regarding our lasted candidate Nanci Armstrong-Temple wanting a demilitarized police force has no campaign support.
    The Berkeley Police Action Commission is the proper channel to address this issue.

    If candidate Armstrong-Temple got more involved in community or served any Berkeley Commissions, giving back to community homeless advocacy etc
    she could be a viable candidate.

    • Jeff

      I fully agree with you about the “bulldozer express.” But the issue is not so much affordable housing as it is overpopulation. Humans need to get their heads out of the sand and realize that there are far too many of us, and that overpopulation negatively affects just about every thing we care about. I don’t want more housing of ANY kind in Berkeley; I want more parks and open space for the plants and animals. Do you know that Berkeley has less open space per square foot than San Francisco? Aside from rent control for EVERY RENTAL, affordable housing needs to be dealt with on the state level, starting with repeal of the Costa-Hawkins Act. It definitely should NOT be dealt with by building ever more housing, blocking out the sky, and cramming ever more people into our already crowded city.

      I also strongly disagree with you about the police issue. The City Council could certainly pass an ordinance banning Berkeley cops from acquiring military equipment, and they could even force the cops to give up the military equipment they now have. The cops should never even have been allowed to acquire those damn SUVs. But when you’re in bed with developers, as Bates and the majority of the current City Council are, you also support a police state to keep the rest of us from rebelling against bad policies that harm us and our city in order to make profit for some and a rich playground for others.

      • James Reagan

        Over population is a. World wide epidemic,however stats for Berkeley project about 2500 new residents while our black community has diminished from 25% to 8% due to neighborhood gentrification and unaffordable housing.Techies on the rise moving to new developments because they can afford it.Even Oakland is following the trend with market value rentals pushing long term renters out of their families community.
        This also leads to more homeless people by circumstance.

  • Tizzie Lish

    Darryl Moore is not running for re-election.

  • diogenes

    It’s great that now we have three candidates to vote for in preference to Darryl Moore who has not represented the interests of our district but acted instead to favor the forces of predatory greed busy working to turn Berkeley into a rent serf plantation to pump profits to absentee investors in the lying name of “affordable housing”.

    • James Reagan

      Right on. To the above comment Darryl Moore is running for his seat. Google Darryl Moore at The Daily Californian because he announced his intention in February 2016.

      • Tizzie Lish

        You are correct. I got it wrong.

    • Tizzie Lish

      Three candidates running against Moore probably dilutes votes and gives Moore the advantage.

      • James Reagan

        Choice rank voting throws votes to one, two, three against Moore whereas if doesn’t get st least 51% on of the three candidates have a good chance.