Quiz: What should you be doing this summer?

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If you find yourself bored and with way too much time on your hands this summer, which is safe to assume because we took the time to make this and … you’re reading it, then take this quiz. We’ll show you what hobby or activity you should take up for the spare time you have between vacations, staycations and classes.

  1. What’s your favorite summer holiday?
    1. Memorial Day
    2. Getting wasted on Fourth of July
    3. Labor Day
    4. Flag Day
    5. World UFO Day
    6. None, holidays are moronic and a revolution shall be incited.
  2. Which of the following things will you and your friends most likely do this summer?
    1. Surfing, sunbathing and getting sand in my buttcrack at the beach
    2. Roadtripping, emphasis on the tripping
    3. Trying to exercise
    4. Taking summer classes for fun
    5. Throwing a party with my dudes — a birthday cake and karaoke every Wednesday in celebration of the day, Wednesday.
    6. Friends? LOL!
  3. Pick a summer music festival.
    1. Coachella
    2. Electric Daisy Carnival
    3. Bonnaroo
    4. Lollapalooza
    5. Outside Lands
    6. Hahaha “music” won’t aid me in my plans for world domination.
  4. Who’s your favorite animated TV villain?
    1. Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants
    2. PC Principal from South Park
    3. The Ice King from Adventure Time
    4. Aku from Samurai Jack
    5. Megatron from the Transformers
    6. I am my own villain. This question is absolutely inane and brings dishonor on your family.
  5. What’s your favorite summer snack?
    1. Frozen yogurt
    2. Pina coladas and getting caught in the rain
    3. Ice cream sundaes
    4. Watermelon and iced tea
    5. Snow cones
    6. What kind of question is this? I don’t have time for this idiocy.
  6. What do you do at parties?
    1. Set a fire on the dance floor with your moves. It’s lit.
    2. I can’t recall.
    3. Talk to my crush
    4. Pour the drinks
    5. DJ’ing
    6. “Partying” and comparable activities will do nothing to advance my objectives.
    1. Learn a musical instrument this summer. There’s a wide array of instruments to choose from and, who knows, you may discover that you’re one of the best triangle or cowbell players in the world.
    2. Besides getting tipsy during this break, we recommend that you take up collecting. We don’t necessarily mean collecting beer cans or other frat water containers, however, it’s a fun hobby that matches any interest. Think of anything you adore: flags, dogs, My Little Pony? There’s merchandise to be collected.
    3. You seem pretty outdoorsy, so we recommend hiking, mountain climbing or even hang gliding during your break. Anything that will bring you outdoors. Take advantage of the beautiful clear skies and lovely Bay Area locales to do a variety of outdoor activities.
    4. Get a summer reading list together if you haven’t already and actually read them all. Explore books outside of your comfort zone as well this summer. So if you’re normally a “Twilight” type of reader, don’t be afraid to delve into some H.G. Wells.
    5. Unleash your inner gamer this season. 2016 has had numerous new releases such as the new DOOM and Hitman games or the 80th Final Fantasy title. Hit up your local Gamestop and get to it.
    6. Just keep doing your thing, honey. It looks like you already have plenty to do this summer with your plans for world domination.


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