Songs that describe summer away from Berkeley

Audrey McNamara/File

After that final refresh of BearFacts, you’re at last ready to bask in every last day of your well-deserved summer break. You’ve come to accept your final grades after weeks of dread and anticipation upon seeing the screen of doom on a site, which is quite frankly hideous. The cycle of dread followed by acceptance is a motif here at UC Berkeley, which applies also when you face your midterm head-on or complete your weight-training at the RSF.

Whether you’ve planned an exotic trip to Rio, landed your dream internship or just plan to spend quality time with your pet, you finally have the chance to occupy yourself with the more fruitful things in life, like building a personalized summer playlist. Here are five song suggestions, which can best describe your emotions upon your bittersweet exit from Berkeley.

  1. “Feels” by Kiiara

This song is all about mixed emotions — perfect for those of you who graduated since the real world ahead of you will likely be even more difficult to navigate even if you’re excited about starting the next chapter of your lives. The scribbles on the desks in Wheeler Hall , hungover Sunday brunches with dearest friends, thought-provoking ideas taught in lecture, the plethora of different identities and different opinions are all things which may have grown on you at UC Berkeley. Even if school wrecked you at times, it’s moments like these which won you over. The idea of a roller coaster of emotions has never made more sense to us than it has while persevering at college. Summer presents an opportunity to be away from the stress and chaos of academic life, but also a time to pine for the good memories.   

2. “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers feat. Daya

Upon coming back to Berkeley for summer classes, you probably want to chant to your professor, your classmates and your brain, “Don’t let me down, down, down.” Some might miss UC Berkeley because they’re “losing their mind” from boredom, but a part of them fears that UC Berkeley will indeed let them down with bad curves, unexpected short-notice breakups with summer flings or flaky subletters. It’s hard to imagine a Bear who can’t relate to the lyrics “Crashing, hit a wall/Right now I need a miracle/Hurry up now I need a miracle,” especially when they find themselves cramming before their exam hoping they miraculously gain the superpower of photographic memory. Maybe they’ll find that there really is “nobody on their side” after their professor doesn’t allow a cheat sheet.  

3. “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign

With this guilty pleasure tune, you can finally take time and learn once and for all how to twerk. After all that time spent enviously looking over at all the able-bodied folks doing it so effortlessly, you will feel accomplished. Also, many of us are literally working from home just as we do when we write our pieces, lounging on our couches applauding ourselves at every bad pun. Oh wait — doesn’t “work from home,” and this whole song for that matter, have a different meaning? Well, for some, summer’s a good time to catch up on some other extracurricular activities (wink, wink).

4. “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars

This summer playlist wouldn’t be complete without this gem from who-knows-how-many summers back. Even though you told yourself you wouldn’t fall prey to yet another lazy summer, here you are binge-watching reruns of “Friends” after waking up at 3 p.m.. You didn’t bother changing out of your pajamas because, for once, you don’t have anyone to impress. Deep down, however, you know that you really should be starting readings, snagging any last minute internships, socializing or starting that exercise routine you procrastinated on. Your mind may tell you to do all this but instead your body and will-power respond with a big fat “nah.” After all, don’t all the sleepless nights of library campouts and webcast marathons merit a two-month hibernation?    

5.  “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift

You’re over feeling inadequate. Imposter syndrome may have kicked your ass during the school year, but now you’re shaking it off as you break into your post-finals, post-BearFacts IDGAF dance. Just as T. Swift shook off all the haters, you’re shaking off the bad curve from Math 16B, the hookup who ghosted you without warning and the internship you still haven’t heard from. The UC Berkeley experience isn’t complete without tears and maybe a couple crushed dreams from cold, hard rejection. But summer is the time to get over it and go into YOLO mode to finally be more spontaneous, which you couldn’t afford during the academic semester.

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