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June 6’s encounter with the white devil was a rude awakening. While surrounded by Becky, her white male guest known by the name of Resting Dick Face, and my best friend, a blond-haired, blue-eyed angel with the cuddly personality of a yellow lab, I awoke from a daydream when I heard the words, “East Asians aren’t people of color.”

My attention immediately spiked and it was then that I realized my oppressor’s bedroom looked like an Urban Outfitter’s catalog and smelled like a skinny white girl — cigarettes and rosewood to be precise.

I looked to my best friend in search of a validating, shocked response, only to find a pair of big, dilated eyes that stared out the window, seemingly unaware of the conversation between the two others. Fuck you! I immediately felt isolated.

“I don’t think a person of color house should exclude white people. It’s segregation,” continued Becky. Becky is my housemate at Andres Castro Arms, a co-op in the Berkeley Student Cooperative that is transitioning to become the newly themed “People of Color” house in fall 2016.

“Uh.. “ I fiercely spoke up.

The two turned and glared at me, shining the spotlight on me for a brief, blinding second.

“Yes Maggie, please go ahead,” beckoned Becky, perhaps finally noticing that a nonwhite person was actually in her presence.

Confronted by her politeness, I struggled to move past my hesitance when I tried to explain that a safe space for people of color needed to exclude white people or else it wouldn’t work. I noticed my discomfort when I said that if you really understood the systemic presence of racism, you’d see why people of color feel silenced around white people.

I wish I had pointed out that the current situation we were in was a perfect example.

The two nodded at me but immediately returned to their white savior circle jerk, speaking for people of color as if they held some kind of magical potion to curing racism. I became aware that this situation was the crux of white privilege — being able to talk about racism without ever having to experience it.

Becky turned to me with her wide, eager eyes and excitedly suggested, “I think I want to be an ally to people of color. Wouldn’t it be cool to be that one white person in the POC house?”

It was then that I looked to the heavens and prayed, “Are you there God? It’s me, Maggie. Please, forgive this white person.”

First of all, ally-ship is not self-defined. A person is an ally if and only if the community, which they have taken action to help, has recognized that they are worthy of having their privilege in that space. When white people try to understand racism, it can be triggering for people of color to feel like they have to defend their frustrations when there are centuries of trauma to explain.

Until white people start to openly acknowledge their power and privilege, educate themselves on the history and implications of white colonialism and listen to the needs of people of color, their desire to be an ally only comes off as disingenuous and problematic. This type of ignorance is the same hypocrisy committed by self-proclaimed progressives (aka white hipsters) that gentrify and displace communities of color on a nationwide scale.

In the aftermath of Becky’s microaggressions, I felt powerless and dumb, and I found myself doubting my own internalized oppression.

Who was I to speak when I get enough money to spend and a comfortable home to live in? Who was I to speak when I get to work towards a promising career at a prestigious university? Who was I to speak when I get to be seen as nonthreatening to the police and to the rest of American society? Maybe they were right, maybe I am a white person.

A quick glance in the mirror made me come to my senses. I am not Becky because my education costs more than just the growing student loan in my name — it is an obligation to my family that left its entire community behind so that the next generation would never experience the debilitating conditions of poverty. I am not Becky because when I walk in a room, my Asian features say that I am quiet, exotic and eager to please — a stereotype that is rooted in the history of white, patriarchal rape culture.

Claiming that Asians are basically white people denies us of our heritage, and it invalidates the Asian struggle against racism, a struggle that has been continuously undermined by both the media and the American government throughout history.

What hurts the most is that the cost of systematic assimilation is a loss of personal identity. The problem of never quite fitting into white or Asian culture is confusing, isolating and continues to fester self-doubt in both my intellect and my self-worth.

This summer, I intend to find an understanding as I reclaim my voice. People of color aren’t responsible for educating white people, but as an “Americanized” Asian with the privilege of being invited to white spaces, I must take this opportunity to speak loud and clear.



Maggie Lam writes about reclaiming the Asian-American narrative surrounding the immigrant experience.

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  • “White Devil”

    Oh.. sorry to hear you’re hooked on nose candy cocaine, Maggie. Must be terrible trying to kick the habit..

    But relax Maggie, help is just a click away.

  • Cats4all✓Never Hillaryᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    You ask to “keep our community civil”, but publish racist screed like this?

    Take your own advice first, Maggie.

  • otisrneedleman

    Maggie, help is available. I’m sure Student Health Services can get you a psychiatrist, because you certainly need one. Otherwise, good luck in the real world.

  • KBS2011


  • usafrn

    This ungrateful snot nose has a cow ring in her nose. Grasping for attention in all of the worst ways.
    Let me guess. Working on a feminism degree. Voting for vagina communist criminal liar Hillary. Yep.
    Birds of a feather I guess.

  • Dems B. Dcvrs

    “the aftermath of Becky’s microaggressions, I felt powerless and dumb”

    Sticks and stones. If you can’t handle “””microagressions”””, then you deserve to feel powerless and dumb. Grow up!

    Can’t even imagine what these Snowflakes would do in country like Saudi Arabia. Hey Snowflakes, microagression outside U.S. is getting beaten up and living to tell about it.

  • Mad Dog

    What are you going to do when you find yourself in a set of circumstances that you can’t run and hide from? Like, you know, life.

    • otisrneedleman

      She’s probably planning to stay at Berkeley until she is 85. No guts to deal with the big world.

  • Dems B. Dcvrs

    “Until white people start to openly acknowledge their power and privilege,”

    How about Snowflakes taking off their Pampers and trying on a set of grown-up undies.

    • Deuce Sevenoff

      “How about Snowflakes taking off their Pampers and trying on a set of grown-up undies.” Because then they’ll just make a mess of the carpet that the rest of us will have to clean up and deal with while they do nothing and whine about “toilet privilege.”

  • DocEEJ

    Maggie, I hope you are just putting this out there just for entertainment and attention. Otherwise, your obsession with skin color is insane and will serve you very poorly all of the days of your life. Asian men and women are the most successful people in this country. I guess you would call this Asian privilege.

  • Joe Joe

    Maggie, congratulations. You are officially a racist.

    (And yes, this is racism.)

  • I came here to be entertained. I was not disappointed.

    I mean what can be more entertaining than a student at one of the most prestigious and expensive universities in the world whining about oppression?

  • Cartago

    It’s strange to see people demanding segregation all these decades after the Civil Rights Movement. Of course what they’re demanding is not nearly as extreme as the Jim Crowe south but it’s the same principle of demanding certain places for only members of certain races.

    Then we have cultural appropriation which means people telling others a hairstyle or type of clothing should be restricted to certain ethnic groups.

    It’s very divisive and regressive.

    • ogunsiron

      they want whites out of the way. They say they get triggered when whites are around. i think they should get what they ask for but not quite. They do need to be separated from white society but on on their terms. Nah, not on their self serving terms at all.

  • franklin steve

    What a disgustingly racist article we have here. Of course, Ms. Lam could readily move to any place in the world where she’d blend perfectly with the population. And she’d have none of the horrid experiences inflicted upon her.

    But she opts to remain here. Why? Simply because she knows that the experiences available to her in the US are magnitudes above those of any other place in the world, even with her inflated claims of racism. In other words, she’ll take this faux racism any day of the week. Poor dear. How she suffers.

    Think about it: A person at Berkeley is one of the most privileged to walk the earth. EVER. Asian men out earn white men by a staggering 18%. Ms. Lam wishes for our sympathy, and yet ignores the poverty experienced in this country by all colors. Such a comfortable lifestyle she has. I’m sure she struggles every day to find another microagression to fuel her outrage so that she doesn’t have to confront the fact she has won life’s lottery.

  • Jason

    What a stupid little snowflake.

  • Glen Wishard

    What a spoiled rotten little skunk. With a huge white space between her ears.

  • Conservatronic

    > “Maggie Lam writes about reclaiming the Asian-American narrative surrounding the immigrant experience.”


  • DefeatTheLeft

    Ms. Lam I hate to break this to you but in the eyes of the government Asians are not considered a “minority”. Sure the Democratic party will say you are a minority and will expect you to vote for them for protection but when it comes to Affirmative Action or whatever else you don’t qualify. You probably had to score higher on all the standardised tests, have a higher GPA and accomplishment to get into your school when compared against Blacks, Hispanic and American Indian. Also noticed that the UC system just put in a $25 million program (using your tax dollars and tutition) for outreach to Hispanic, not Asians. So no Asians don’t not count as minority when it matters. (By the way I am an immigrant from Hong Kong)

    • J.L.

      Fun times with Schrödinger’s minority

  • thatcher67

    enjoy your pampered life on campus, girly. when you get out and want a job you will see what the real world is like. HR people google.

  • The_Invisible_Hand

    She sure us pretty…vacant.

  • Nat Alee

    Is this satire? I can’t even tell any more with the SJW types.

  • jr565

    Why is it that the SJW types reveal themselves to be toxic racists?
    And her white roommate should very quickly become her ex roommate. Because why surround yourself with such a toxic personality?

    • RomeisFalling

      Because it has never been about “social justice”. Look at all these various SJW groups and you will find they all want their cause and agenda to be on top. It is simply about dominance.

  • Filbert Almond

    Your ‘oppressor’ lolol! I feel comfortable to guess you grew up with money. And you attend one of the most prestigious institutions to have ever existed in planet earth. You are literally one of the single most spoiled individuals I have ever encountered. Your only oppressor is you, and the sjw mind cult that has brainwashed you into thinking such lunacy. Your ‘centuries of trauma’!?!?!? You are not several hundred years old, you are probably less than 21 yrs and Asian countries do extremely well in this world. Asians do extremely well in America particularly (earning more than whites actually)
    Asians are apparently able to openly criticize and belittle whites in the most dehumanizing way possible, in an institionally supported paper. You are more privileged than whites. And you have no understanding whatsoever of ‘oppression’. It is good that you ‘doubted your internalized oppression’ because you don’t have any. Well, in a sense you do, and it is entirely internal. The only way to free yourself from this ‘oppression’ is to doubt it, because it exists entirely, 100% in your own mind.

  • Could you tell me, concretely, what white people have done to oppress you? Becky sounds like a nice person. She just wants to join the cool kids she already knows. You have, after all, been with her as a roommate for a while and apparently got along. She’s giving you a compliment by saying she’d like to stick with you.

    Why would you want to split into this restrictive dorm that splits people by race? Seems to me that’s just another way of oppressing people, by describing them by their race instead of the content of their character, as Martin Luther King said. As my cooler-than-me Hispanic girlfriend says all the time, it just doesn’t make any sense.

    • ogunsiron

      google “dehumanize the oppressor” or “do not humanize the oppressor”. This is what ((( professors ))) are teaching millions of nonwhite students like her as well as the white students.
      Have you noticed lately that the tone against white people is one of pure hatred ? Even better if you google just who those ((( professors ))) are. People like Noel ((( Ignatiev )))

      • J.L.

        Dehumanization is how atrocities occur.

        • ogunsiron

          they’re getting ready to engage in them.

  • M.

    “White devil” must be the brand of ping pong ball Ms. Lam uses to fund her silly degree. Business men not leaving enough of a “tip” to pay for tuition, Maggie? Oh no’s, I’ve microaggressed this poor idiot that took a spot some more serious student could have had.

  • Hajjster

    Another tumblrina with septum piercing re-spewing what she heard in Victim Studies 101. Grow up Ms. Lam, hating white people makes you a racist.

  • Talking Mouse

    Thank you, Ms. Lam, for fighting the stereotype that Asian Amaricans are smart, sensible and value education.

  • MarkJ

    Please Maggie, for the love of all that is good and true in the world, step away from your keyboard, get back on your meds, and answer the door when those nice young men in the white coats come to pick you up.

  • dbr1

    Racial hatred, unashamed and out in the open. And taught in our once finest schools. This will not end well.

  • harkin

    Is she really wearing a ring through her nose?
    An ancient symbol of being some man’s property. You gotta love it.

    • otisrneedleman

      Yup, have seen many a pig and cow wearing rings through their noses. Didn’t know Maggie liked to dig in the dirt with her nose. At least the ring will now keep her from doing so.

  • Cartago

    An example of why some people think Asians aren’t people of color comes from the events leading up to the LA riots in the early 90s.

    A Korean shop owner shot and killed an unarmed teenage black girl she thought was stealing juice and got a slap on the wrist.

    Complaining that people think you’re exotic and dealing with police brutality are quite different although I’m not saying Asian Americans have no legitimate issues with racism.

    Also I wouldn’t say they’re not people of color because I don’t think the definition of people of color schould necessarily imply being disadvantaged. However the writer seems to view it that way.

  • because317

    Maggie believes, like most Chinese, that blacks are inferior, infected, and criminal.

    Let’s just hope Maggie never has children, #1 because she will raise them to hate. #2 they would have to read her writing

    • otisrneedleman

      I don’t think she’ll ever find a man who would want to have children with her.

  • Jonathan M. Weiss

    Maggie, if you need an example of instance where white people are the targets of racism, look no further than your own articles.

  • AsianMale

    Please don’t speak for all Asians. You live in a fabled world and blame oppression whenever you have any struggle in your life. Grow The Fuck Up.

    • Kris

      username checks out

    • Matt

      I have to say, some of the most racist people I’ve ever met are Asian though.

      • J.L.

        Am Asian, can confirm. All foreigners are devils.

  • nicholasstix

    “A comment will be deleted if it:

    1. “attacks a named or identified person or group unreasonably, including but not limited to Daily Californian
    employees or contributors.

    2. “makes readers unreasonably uncomfortable on the basis of one’s race, gender, religion, disability,
    ethnicity, sexual orientation or otherwise.

    3. “threatens or encourages violence and/or illegal behavior.

    4. “contains racial epithets, sexual explicitness or excessive obscenities.”

    “Please keep our community civil. Comments should remain on topic and
    be respectful.”

    Clearly, those rules don’t apply to “staffers,” or only apply to white ones.

    Maggie Lam is a boring, incompetent, dishonest writer of racist, totalitarian, political porn, which has none of the virtues of old-fashioned porn. She has a great future ahead of her as an award-winning “journalist” and professor.

    Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

    • Mad Dog

      Well said, Mr Stix.

      • nicholasstix

        Thank you, Mad Dog.

  • JAC

    “Who was I to speak when I get to work towards a promising career at a prestigious university?”

    I’ve read your columns. I’ve got news for you. Your career’s not that promising.

    • otisrneedleman

      Indeed. The girl can’t even buy a clue.

      • Alfred Hussein Neuman

        She’ll be able to give away her [email protected] but that’s about it.

    • Matt

      But she goes to Berkeley. She’s a special snowflake. If you don’t hire her, you’re a cis-gendered, racist, sexist, misogynistic pig.

      • skillet

        California has become such a PC joke. Used to be a nice state. Back in the 80’s when I lived there, the diversity really did make life richer. Now, it has degenerated into victim culture.

        I was a language major and loved the opportunities to network and broaden my horizons to people different from me. Now, I have no interest in California. At least the liberal cultural ghetto part. As exploring depth of national cultures has been replaced by things like “privilege studies” with an emphasis on ax-to-grind.

        Fields like gender studies are not an education but an indoctrination. Fields for the lazy and self-righteous. When my son enrolled in college and wanted to major in global studies, I said fine, but turn it into a langauge degree taking a max of Chinese, Japanese courses and spend as much time as possible away on exchange programs. Gain some real skills rather than simply learning to pontificate on privilege.

        Fortunately, he followed my advice. He is mastering languages in one of those niche areas where there is still a strong academic tradition-foreign languages.

        It is still possible to get a good liberal arts education in college, as long as you stay away from the liberals.

        • ogunsiron

          I have a STEM background and i strongly believe in the importance of being well rounded but one can’t trust modern liberal arts and social science. One is left with self education with good books recommended by trusted sources. I also keep in mind that when it comes to liberal arts and social science, old books can be just as good or even much better than new books (That’s mostly not true in STEM).The fields you mentionned are probably still relatively SJW free. I’ve known people who studied classics and those fields didn’t seem yet overrun with the brain dead.

      • shay

        unemployed from Berkeley tol

  • How is this not a violation of Title IX? 3 racist articles demonstrating hatred against a specific race?

    • matt10023

      First Amendment. She should be free to express her opinion, even if we don’t agree with it. Not that this freedom is equally protected on campuses.

      • ginger

        Well that’s the point, is it not? POC have the privilege of airing their grievances towards Europeans, but whites are denied. It’s a growing global phenomenon.

        • dwash

          Yes, Lam is exactly the demon she is struggling against.

  • This article doesn’t seem to be the least bit racist or hateful. It is perfectly fine to hate white people in today’s society. Vote for Hillary Clinton and you will see so much more of this in the future.

    • matt10023

      There’s plenty to be concerned about Clinton, but an expectation she’d be biased against whites is not one of them.

  • oryp

    this lady has a bright bright future in The Onion.

    • FriendOfJohnnyM

      I believe her future involves welfare and food stamps.

      • ogunsiron

        Unfortunately her future might involve a good job at a tech company full of white “allies” who will line up to be humiliated by her. It might involve a government job in a democrat run city. It might involve a high level media job. For some reason, antiwhites like her don’t (yet?) suffer the consequences of their malice.

  • WhirledNews

    You are a racist bigot.

  • Vik

    Kudos for a well thought out comment. I appreciated reading it.

  • Tom Chung

    This “returning to the roots” attitude among POC is just as disgustingly racist as any white supremacist movement. The whole concept of microaggreessions really shows you as an embarrassment.

    The continued need for “safe spaces” just shows you are not mature enough to attend a University, Maggie.

    • lspanker

      “Safe space” is yet another phrase that has been completely corrupted by the SJW left. At one time, it referred to a location where victims of domestic violence could go to escape physical abuse. Now it means an environment where hypersensitive special snowflakes can be free from any criticism or ideas that cause them discomfort. How these coddled, over-protected children will ever survive in the real world will be something to see…

      • TankMcNamara

        they will survive quite well. unfortunately, there is a huge market for professional victims.

      • Mulberry Field

        She can’t understand why her friend doesn’t want to leave her dorm with her tail between her legs. How insulting is it to compare people wanting protection from domestic abuse to whiny college kids wanting an excuse to call their white friends racist for questioning the cult slogans of their pet professor. These kids take the theories of professors who have been locked in an ivory tower for their entire lives as the word of God. Stop comparing someone believing a stereotype (while you stereotype) to poor black guys being shot by cops. Go talk about how hard it is for you that Americans think your people are quiet and hard working at a private party. Why do you need to announce to the world that your white roommate is now not exotic enough to be your friend.

  • Jimmy

    Asian Women wishes they were White.

  • Ben Epstein

    You spelled blonde wrong

  • Mamady Keita

    The article bounced in a variety of different directions but I liked it enough to look it up online. In style it reminds me of a less polished Bell Hooks ( thats a huge compliment) and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Lam’s work. As a teacher, one thing I always tell my students is that their generation is going to have to be the one to talk about race. And yes, some white folks are just not going to like it, but there are many truths out there.

    One line in the article that resonated with me was, “family that left its entire community behind so the next generation would never experience the debilitating conditions of poverty.” As someone who comes from the same type of family, I can’t tell you the different ways I have noticed how this has shaped who I am. Thanks Mom and Dad for being so bold. But it is also that crazy bicultural identity that is also a head trip and you mentioned that too. I can’t wait to read future articles in the paper.

    • Where do you teach at?

    • JAC

      The Civil Rights movement generation kind of talked about race, you know.

      In fact, it did 99% of the work. The protests, the March on Washington, integrating schools in the face of screaming racists, MLK, equal rights legislation.

      Your failure to understand where you are on the arc of the history of race in the US is disturbing, especially since you are a teacher. You think you and your students are at the start of some great challenge. Nope. Our parents and grandparents were. You are at the final easy downhill stroll of that arc. MLK et al. would laugh at you for thinking you have a great task ahead.

      Your arrogance – or is it ignorance? – is troubling.

    • TankMcNamara

      “some white folks are just not going to like it”. you are correct. when poc say there needs to be open and honest conversations about race, they are really saying that whites should just shut up and listen while we are being told that all their problems are our fault. so yes, i’m not going to like it and i don’t like it now. until poc start owning up that a lot of their problems are of their own making and not the fault of white’s, there will never be constructive talks about race.

    • JasonRoseEh

      The fact you relate to this and are indeed a teacher, as you say, really shows just why the state of our schools is sorry.

      • That’s indeed frightening to know, this Mamady person teaches children.
        She needs to step away from her career.

        This whole “article” is bad enough.. and there is someone (presumably with authority) who more or less openly appreciates this trash. Yikes!

    • oryp

      Bell Hooks!?

    • Hajjster

      “Talking about race” most of the time consists of one race talking about why they’re a victim of the other. Nothing productive comes of it because we each individually are the smallest minority and should be judged on our individual actions and outcomes. Most of the racial discussion is an attempt to distract from that. People talk about MLK Jr. out of one side of their mouth and then talk about Bell Hooks out of the other, a woman that ignores everything that MLK Jr stood for, judge people for their CHARACTER not the COLOR of their skin.

    • Filbert Almond

      Yeah, stupid white ppl, don’t like spoiled rich girls talking about them in the most condescending, hateful ways possible. When will we ever get it through our thick heads that we DESERVE mistreatment?

    • ogunsiron

      i hope you get shipped back to Conakry or Bamako or wherever ever you’re from.

      there will be talk about race but are you sure that you and your team
      will be in charge of that conversation ? You feel deracinated because
      your parents left some shithole in whatever mandingo country you’re from
      (Keita tells it) and it makes you sick to see white people around, in
      the very country that those white people built (yes it was white people
      who built the usa for the most part) ? You feel deracinated and sheeeit
      so that means white people can’t live in the neighborhood of their
      choice because some neighborhoods should only be for POCs but whites
      could never have a white only neighborhood ? You feel deracinated so
      that means white people should STFU and fade away so you feel better ?
      nah. If you feel so deracinated and confused maybe you need to be back
      in Mali running away from some Mauritanian who’s trying to catch you to
      turn you into a slave. White people didn’t build first world countries
      only to have ingrates like you just show up to take them.

    • Joost Ruiter

      It’s because of people like you and the crap you teach that wounds will not heal and polarization between races will remain and grow. Take a page out of Nelson Mandela’s book, reconciliation works better then just turning the tables. Of course, with this is assume you know who Mr Mandela is…..

    • J.L.

      If your family is rich enough that you actually have to pay significant amounts for college, they are also rich enough to go back home regularly.

  • Dwee1

    Not all East Asian families have high household incomes.

    • Amir Miles

      He said “average”, not every.

    • AnOski

      OP said “median household income.” His/her statement was factually correct.

    • Filbert Almond

      And not all whites are well off, many are in poverty, the point being, if you are going to categorize a group that way, Asians do very well. Of course, we shouldn’t categorize people that way, treat them as individuals and fellow humans. But when dealing with sjws one must respond with sjw reasoning,

    • nicholasstix

      Dwee1 to skore

      “Not all East Asian families have higher household incomes. Please avoid generalizing.”

      Do you order your Marxist profs to “avoid generalizing”?

      That was a rhetorical question.

      Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

    • Karim Jeans

      No shyte
      Isn’t that obvious when talking about means?

    • dwash

      Please avoid generalizing?

  • Dwee1

    Having similar experiences, I understand what you are trying to say and I think your message is serious and important. As Asians, we are marginalized by other races at times and can “sometimes” be perceived similarly as white people. East Asians can be overlooked and not necessarily included as people of color. The racism Asian immigrants endure is just as intolerable and abundant as that experienced by other minority races such as black people and Latino people. Unfortunately, racism against East Asians is indeed not talked about enough.
    However, do not let your strong emotions affect the overall quality of your articles.

    • J.L.

      >implying there was any potential quality in those articles

  • calfaculty

    Asians are people of color who disrupt the narrative of discrimination against minorities.

  • ShadrachSmith

    If it wasn’t for white people Asians would still be without toilet paper, so let’s show a little love?

    • Daniel Moore


  • Jaz

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Unfortunately, we face microaggression daily and it’s really frustrating to talk about race and racism. It’s important to redefine and reframe what true allyship mean. For me, as an East Asian American female, I’m trying to unpack and dismantle anti-Black(/ness) in my heritage and support movements like BLM and LGBTQ (for people of color). If White community looks at Asian community as “White” or “non-poc,” then it’s also time for us to step up and support our fellow Native American, African-American, and Latinx American folks. We need to stop reaping from that disillusioned “Asian Minority Myth.” Great articles and I think a lot of East Asian millennials will empathize with your experience.

    • TNT

      What on earth is a “Latinx?” In the Spanish language there is a grammatical reason why some plural forms of words end in “as” and “os”. Consider a simple case in which one encounters a group of males and females, which will accordingly be described as “los muchachos” whereas if one encounters a group consisting of females then said group will be described as “las muchachas.”

      • ogunsiron

        a transqueer mystery meat chromosomally challenged thing that identifies with central and south america. Used to be called latino and latina but you know this whole male/female thing is for retards, there’s 36 genders and sheeeit don’t you know ?

    • lspanker

      White people apparently spend a lot less time getting worked up about race than all these various and sundry “people of color”, yet WE’RE the ones called “racists”. Go figure…

      • Brian Sculler

        Well, I dont see Asian men writing about “white [email protected] girl”, and “white privilege”.
        Do they?

    • akemihomura

      unpack, microaggression, dismantle, Latinx, allyship

      • otisrneedleman

        And your prize is a date with MAGGIE LAM!

      • Karim Jeans

        Latinx is a new one for me

    • Matt Stoughton

      Please tell me this is satire.

    • ogunsiron

      Getting ready to tell elderly chinese who get beaten up by black youths that it’s their fault, they’re racist and privileged and getting assaulted by racist (oh sorry not racist, merely prejudiced!) black youfs is a great learning experience for them ?
      Great. Asians only do well because the white man is trying to make black people look bad so he makes asians into a “model minority” but hey it’s all about making black folxxxxx look bad!
      I guess Japan is a first world country because white devils made sure it was like that just to make black folxxx look bad and sheeeit

  • lspanker

    What hurts the most is that the cost of systematic assimilation is a loss of personal identity. The problem of never quite fitting into white or Asian culture is confusing, isolating and continues to fester self-doubt in both my intellect and my self-worth.

    Do yourself a favor, young lady. Stop buying into the [email protected] that the PC lefties are trying to feed you.

    • PapayaSF

      What, and give up her Victim Privilege™?

      • Ashley Szalanski

        I first read your comment as, “What, and give up her Vicodin privilege?”

        • matt10023

          Could be both.

    • ogunsiron

      I actually think that this asian girl who thinks of white women as dogs would greatly benefit from being separated from white society. Not on her terms of course. That’d be too convenient.
      I’m a black male who’s so tired of POCs who are “triggered” by the mere presence of white people that I (almost) long for the days when white people had no hesitation to assert their social dominance. By all means have a place in your tent for POCs like me who *are not antiwhite*. Those POCs who are antiwhite (and they are legion) you should want to divide away from, imho.

      • JackSquat

        You are part of the problem. Another “POC” who likes the taste of white boots. If there was a Racial Draft, we’d trade you before it even started.


        • ogunsiron

          don’t know if i’m part of what i consider a problem but yeah i’m not part of your team, ApeSquat. Definitely not. I’d gladly help you live in a white-free world. Not the kind of white-free world that you want, though. That’d be too covenient.

          • JackSquat

            oCoonsiron, I don’t advocate genocide, nor does any sensible person. That is not the issue here. The issue is bootlickers like you with no self-respect who wish to claim they are “people of color” but are highly suspect. You are probably just a white person trolling sides but that does not stop you and people like you from being part of the problem. People who simply don’t get it.

          • ogunsiron

            you’re right that i simply don’t “get” your stupid worldview. What can I do ? It’s too stupid for me.

            I find it morally repulsive but even if i looked at things strictly in terms of my basest interests, i wouldn’t be interested in the wonderful POC-ruled world that your team is working on. A black ruled world ? No thanks. If i wanted to live in Detroit, Bamako or Malawi I’d move there. A non black POC ruled world ? No thanks. Contemporary white people treat civilized black people like me very well. I don’t trust brahmins, chinese, sri-lankans, yemenis and egyptians to treat me well as a black person. Your “post-european world” product sucks. I’m not interested in it at all so I do my part to speak out against it.

            If you think I sound white then it means that I accurately perceive myself as a white identified POC, which is cool with me.

      • JackSquat

        You are part of the problem. Another “POC” who likes the taste of white boots. If there was a Racial Draft, we’d trade you before it even started.


      • the_spiral

        I’m against divisive “anti white” hatred too but your shucking, jiving and begging for a white master is pathetic. White people don’t want a spineless boot licker in their tent either. Stand on your own two feet or fall on your own two knees. And stop using Ogun in your screen name while you spew this pathetic nonsense, it’s disrespectful.

    • Gyor

      Its not all lefties who are like this.