Phase 2 of enrollment begins

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As Tele-BEARS or CalCentral phase two enrollment begins, we at the Clog would like to provide you with our definitive guide of how to use the constantly and unfortunately bewildering CalCentral enrollment process.

You’ll have many thoughts and opinions about CalCentral, as we all do because Tele-BEARS was an incredibly unifying aspect of life at UC Berkeley. The uniquely Berkeley word “Tele-FUCKED” comes from the relatable struggle of being fucked over completely by the dysfunctional class enrollment system. We’ve all felt it … up until now. Our brand new freshman class has never explored their many options on Schedule Builder. They’ve never checked out the median grade of every single class they’ve ever considered taking, repeatedly.

Sure we miss Tele-BEARS a lot. We miss the pretty colors — the bright yellows and deep blues — but we’re ushering in a new era of enrollment procedure now. CalCentral has taken over and even though we’re mourning the loss of our beloved Tele-BEARS, we wish to embrace the future.

We understand there are many buttons and very many different links to click on. Merely go to CalCentral and go to the “My Academics” tab at the top, then look on the right hand side and click on “Class Enrollment” then “Choose classes.” You simply look up the class you want and add it to your fun and flirty shopping cart. If you’ve added the classes you want before your time slot, when your time comes you can simply press the button “enroll” and will immediately be enrolled. It’s actually a marked improvement on the Tele-BEARS system in this respect.

We haven’t been completely supportive of the move in the past, but the shopping cart feature, which previously felt like an unnecessary extension of our increasingly and overwhelmingly capitalist world, is now unbelievably helpful and streamlined.

In accordance with the culture of UC Berkeley, we all somewhat enjoyed the fuckery and nonsense that was Tele-BEARS. It’s in our nature to thoroughly get off on intense student pain and suffering. We loved that Tele-BEARS made us feel that way, but we loved even more that the switch to CalCentral allowed us to bitch endlessly. Well, we’ve at least managed to find one thing we like about this new system.

Just for the record, the scheduling program is worse than anything we’ve ever seen. Honestly, the whole thing looks like it’s from the ’90s, which would be charming except that we actually have to use it.

Good luck baby Bears and others on signing up for classes in that much hallowed phase two of the CalCentral roll-out.

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