Foraging for food: Best cheap meals near the residence halls

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Just moved in but you’re already tired of Crossroads? You’re not alone. Save some meal points for a rainy day, and get a cheap bite to eat near the residence halls. Score some brownie points with your new roommate or rambunctious floormates by suggesting a quick Welcome Week meal at one of these locations. We promise that they will be only a short walk and that you’ll be out just $10 or less when your meal is over.

Unit 1/Unit 2: Gypsy’s Tratorria Italiano

If you’re craving tasty Italian food at an affordable price, Gypsy’s, right off of Telegraph and Durant avenues, is the place to go. They have all of your favorite pastas and great sauces to go along with them, like their creamy alfredo. If you go with their special, you can get any of those entrees with a salad and a drink for less than $10. Their calzones, which are all under $8, are big enough to feed two or to give you leftovers for lunch the next day. One of favorites is the quattro stagione stuffed with ricotta, gorgonzola and mozzarella. They have plenty of seating, but be sure to grab a table before the dinner rush hits. Also note that paying with cash gives you lower prices.

Unit 3: KoJa Kitchen

If you want a bit of a culinary adventure, check out KoJa Kitchen, a Korean and Japanese fusion spot on Telegraph Avenue and Channing Way. They serve unique burgers, including a veggie patty made from soy and mushroom, in between crispy and flavorful fried garlic rice buns. And better yet, they are under $9, and under $6 if you go for the vegetarian option. Don’t hesitate to try their kamikaze fries: warm waffle fries topped with kimchi, mayo, red sauce, onions and Korean barbecue beef or veggie patty substitute. The food also comes out pretty quickly, so it’s a great spot to check out if you want a speedy sit-down meal with friends.

Foothill/Stern: Urbann Turbann

Here in Berkeley, we seem to want everything in burrito form, whether it’s a sushi burrito you can get from one of the multiple spots Downtown or, you guessed it, an Indian food burrito. Urbann Turbann, at the intersection of Euclid and Hearst avenues, is like the Chipotle of Indian food. You can have your favorites, such as paneer-seasoned Indian cheese, wrapped in a huge naan burrito or served in a rice bowl for under $10. Try out their hot mint and cilantro sauce, and be sure to ask for potatoes. Seating inside is limited, so you can grab your burritos and head just across the street to picnic near North Gate.

Clark Kerr: Manpuku

Living in Clark Kerr, you may think you are far from any good restaurants. You would be wrong. Clark Kerr is only a 15-minute walk from Elmwood, a part of Berkeley that offers plenty of tasty eats. Try our favorite, Manpuku, near the intersection of College and Ashby avenues. Manpuku is a Japanese spot that will offer you and your new suitemates a good deal on sushi while still providing the quality of more expensive places off campus, such as Joshu-Ya Brasserie. Their yummy maki rolls are all under $6, including the crunch poki maki, a spicy tuna roll with a crunchy topping. Or try one of their bento boxes, such as their salmon teriyaki, which comes with rice, salad and miso soup.

Now you’re ready to knock on some doors and ask your future friends if they want to grab a bite to eat!

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