Searching for Berkeley’s best burrito

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We’ve searched for semesters, and yet we always find our weary selves back at Chipotle, gorging ourselves on burritos with extra guacamole. This is the time for that to end. We at the Clog have found four better burritos sure to make all your burrito eating dreams come true.

Cafe Durant


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Cafe D is definitely a Taco Tuesday favorite. May we suggest ordering a burrito in addition to your margarita pitchers? Coated in enchilada sauce and accompanied by a hearty portion of rice and beans, this burrito was definitely a worthy companion to the weekly dose of almost decent margaritas. Doughy tortillas filled with burrito fixings make Cafe D worth the stop. Also, if you’re feeling like eggs, breakfast is served all day! Breakfast burritos, anyone?


Gillian Perry/Staff

Gillian Perry/Staff

Probably the most underrated place on our list, Gordo’s has, in our humble opinion, the best burrito in Berkeley. Stuffed full of melty cheese and flavorful meat, this burrito is filling, yummy and stays together (unlike those ill-fated overstuffed Chipotle monsters). We definitely suggest investing in a super burrito. You’ll get a bigger burrito without an added cost for extras. A cheap and delicious burrito is in your future at Gordo’s.

La Burrita


La Burrita offers a pretty convenient location, but in terms of food, we are sad to say it doesn’t necessarily deliver. There’s just a little too much lettuce in all the food items, the burrito included. A weirdly specific complaint, we know. However, the strange crunch of the lettuce was all too apparent in every bite we took. The salsa is pretty prime, but we left La Bu with greasy fingers and a slight feeling of disappointment.


Aslesha Kumar/Staff

Aslesha Kumar/Staff

Out of all the places we reviewed, Poncho’s was solidly in the middle of the pack. The salsa is a little too spicy (but if you can handle the heat, go for it), the tortilla’s a little crusty and the burrito’s pretty average. But it’s definitely inexpensive, and chips are included in every purchase. So, the price may make up for lack of quality. Give it a try, and you can decide for yourself.

Burritos are the ideal post party, post class, late night, mid day, all the time meal. A favorite comfort food of many of us at the Clog, we felt that this article was a necessary public service. While Chipotle may have delicious guacamole and giant burritos, there’s so much more to explore on the streets of Berkeley, and oh so many more burritos to try.

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  • J Flo

    I knew it from the first sentence: Anyone who would voluntarily eat a Chipotle burrito more than once obviously doesn’t know much about burritos. Sadly the rest of the article proved that.

  • Kyle Jacobson

    The restaurant at the corner of University & Shattuck (across the street from McDonald’s) had the best burrito in Berkeley when I was living there. The marinated chicken was delicious; the burritos were huge; and they came w/ piled of tortilla chips.

  • Alan Saldich

    Lamest burrito review of all time.

  • CheetoTaco

    It’s pretty lame when 2 of the places in your best burritos list are described as “pretty average” and a “disappointment”.

  • Triad of Thebes

    Let’s not forget WORST food of all time under the guise of “Mexican” food:
    The Burrito Shop. Tell me I’m wrong. Seriously gross!!!!

  • rodeinonthebart


    Talavera, Monte Cristo, La Mission, Picante, Tacubaya, and Celia’s are all in Berkeley. Even Berkeley Bowl have better burritos than these places.

    • Nunya Beeswax

      Or Juan’s.

      I honestly can’t believe anybody would take the Fauxican food at Cafe Durant or La Burrita seriously enough to review it. Those places are absolute pits.

  • shiva777

    My favorite is Razans. Amazing taste, lots of great options and 100% organic.

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