Socially acceptable white items after Labor Day

A.P.C Clothing/Courtesy

Most of us have heard of the fashion rule “don’t wear white after Labor Day.” Apparently, Labor Day marks the end point for summer fashion and the incoming of fall fashion. Personally, we at the Clog have never quite understood this phenomenon. But a week past that fateful day, we’ve caught ourselves thinking up some sneaky and socially acceptable ways to incorporate white into our lives even after Labor Day.

White underwear

Even though this technically violates the rules of the fashion gods, we think you can get away with this one. This clothing item is called under-wear for a reason, so don’t worry. No one will say anything… unless you pull down your pants.

White-water rafting

Even though, technically, white-water rafting is in violation of the “no white after Labor Day” rule, we think this one should slide. White-water rafting is very fun and you might not be presented with very many opportunities to partake in it. So if the opportunity arises after Labor Day, we at the Clog say to take it.

Bright white smile

Even though white is off-limits for clothes after Labor Day, we still encourage you to keep brushing your teeth and to maintain a healthy white smile. White teeth never go out of style, even in the fall and winter!

Snow White

Even though the word white is in the name, you can still watch this Disney classic to your heart’s content after Labor Day; we at the Clog grant you permission.

White Christmas

Obviously, Christmas is after Labor Day. So, obviously, we at the Clog will allow for there to be a white Christmas, even though it does totally go against the aesthetic and color scheme of the holiday season. Because dying all the snow isn’t an option, we’ll allow this fashion disaster to go down in the spirit of the holiday season and good will.

Wedding dress

Just because your wedding falls after Labor Day, doesn’t mean you should be forbidden from wearing white on your wedding day. We encourage this fashion disaster for the sake of common tradition. But you may want to consider moving your wedding date to the summer months to try to stay on trend.

White House

We consulted with the US government and unfortunately, the White House can’t be painted after Labor Day, despite its extreme fashion violation. Because the White House must, in fact, remain white, we at the Clog will let this one slide. Thanks, Obama.

White rice

Even though true fashionistas switch over to brown rice once Labor Day passes, we understand that white rice is a staple in many types of cuisines. For this reason, we deem white rice an acceptable breaking of the color to season code.

All jokes aside, we at the Clog hope that everyone has a healthy and fulfilled fall.

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