Quiz: Where will you end up this gameday?

As the first gameday approaches, so does the uncertainty of where you will end up by gameday night. Whether you’re the type of gamedayer that actually goes to the football game, or the type that lives at Top Dog for the whole day, we here at the Clog thought of a quiz for all of you who aren’t so sure what lies in Saturday’s future.

  1. What’s your favorite Berkeley restaurant?
    1. Top Dog
    2. Sweetgreen
    3. Eatsa
    4. No time for eating when I could be drinking.
  2. What time will you get up for gameday?
    1. 7 a.m.
    2. Whenever someone wakes me up, probably
    3. 6 a.m.
    4. I’ve been ready since birth.
  3. How well do you know Cal’s football team in terms of statistics, players and/or record?
    1.  I know them fairly well.
    2. I don’t pay attention to the game at all, but go bears!
    3. I cried when Jared Goff left.
    4. I’ve never made it to a game, but go beers!
  4. How much UC Berkeley apparel will you be wearing on Saturday?
    1. I’m bleeding blue and gold.
    2. Anything with a logo so I can look like I tried without trying.
    3. Blue and gold onesie.
    4. I’m going to just randomly throw any school stuff I see lying around on my body.
  5. If you had to miss gameday, what would you most likely miss it for?
    1. Only events where I was forced/bambozooled into going, like weddings.
    2. Only a parade of epic proportions in the city.
    3. I’d never miss gameday.
    4. I overslept by accident.
  6. Where are you from?
    1. Southern California
    2. Bay Area
    3. East Coast
    4. The South
  7. What song have you listened to most?
    1. Pursuit of Happiness
    2. Closer
    3. Stacy’s Mom
    4. Cal Drinking Song
    1. You’re all about gameday. Although you’re not about to decapitate anyone who insults the football team, you’re still a hardcore fan. This Saturday night, you’ll probably end up asleep in a questionable place, since you went too hard in the morning.
    2. You’ve been cheering on the bears for so long, it’s all starting to blur together. On Saturday, you’ll probably end up in Asian Ghetto or taking care of someone who has yet to learn their limit two decades into life.
    3. You’d rather die than be caught cheering on a tree. This Saturday, you’re probably going to be making some regretful decisions, including ending up at a tattoo parlor at night getting “go bears” tattooed onto your underlip.
    4. You’re an eat, sleep, gameday and repeat type of person (the best kind of person). You’d never miss a gameday, but you’re also all over the place when there’s a home game, so sometimes you miss them by accident. This Saturday, you’ll probably be attempting to steal letters off of a frat house or egg Stanford from I-House.

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