7 signs it’s time to do your laundry


We’re just now hitting that one month mark — we’re beginning to feel comfortable in our new environment and are starting to accept the fate of being overwhelmed by academics. But there’s one reality that’s eternally difficult to grasp: laundry. In the midst of classes, welcome week and game days, now is finally the time for us to overcome our laziness and grab our Tide Pods. To help ease the pain and the smell of bleach, here are seven signs you need to hit the laundromat ASAP.

1. You’ve worn the same outfit a solid three times this week.

This is totally acceptable in terms of repeating a pair of pants, a jacket or even the occasional T-shirt, but when it’s Thursday and you’ve worn the same shirt and yoga pants combination three times in a row, it’s time to get scrubbing.

2. When you run out of bras, and you start to wear swimsuit tops.

This is a low point in every female’s existence — when you hit the gym in a bikini you know it’s time to hit the washer. This also includes wearing work out tops with built in bras as casual wear.

3. You have no more clean socks, so you wear sandals every day.

With the phenomenon of the Birkenstock, it’s completely socially acceptable to wear sandals to every event. But when it’s a cold and windy Berkeley evening and you’re wearing Rainbows to go “walk” the Fire Trails, there’s an issue.

4. When you slowly morph into your roommate.

This symptom of laundry desperation is frequently overlooked due to the acceptance and proliferation of sharing clothes, yet there’s a fine line between borrowing your roomie’s romper to go to Kip’s and borrowing her Lulu’s, sweater, white converse and North Face all in one day (in addition to using her deodorant and perfume because you obviously lost yours in your laundry pile).  

5. When you starting purchasing a new wardrobe.

This side effect is most commonly found in young women, but when none of your go-to tee’s and going-out rompers are clean, what else is one to do besides go on an online Urban Outfitters shopping spree (plus it’s not true online shopping if you don’t spend enough for free shipping).

6. When you debate wearing your camp counselor one-piece or high school dance leotard because you ran out of bras and underwear.

This is an all time low for most folks. This has probably only happened if you’re taking over 18 units, or if you were that extremely involved person in high school and save any and all memorabilia from that time of your life.

7. Lastly, you finally make it to the laundry room and all your clothes don’t fit in the machine.

This is truthfully the ultimate defeat for the laundry procrastinator, and can also include the shame of taking your massive load out of the dryer and it’s still damp when you go to fold it.

In short, we all have a choice to make: Whip out the swimwear or be adults and head to the laundry room.

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