Consideration: A poem

Isabelle Doerschlag/Staff

My words are coated with

Cool river water,

Not because that is all I know

Or have,

But because I can.


I scoop up some of the

Soothing liquid,

Dab a drop onto every syllable

That springs forth from between my lips,

Hiding scarlet blisters that threaten to burst and hurt.


Out of con





A consideration

That is expected of me and

Has been tossed about and

Reduced to a flickering mass of coal that threatens to become ash.


A consideration

That can certainly be rekindled

Once more

To provide a warmth,

But one that I have now learned

To guard.


For now:

I have a hurt

That begs to be felt,

That burns brighter than consideration.


A hurt that ripples outwards

To heatedly kiss the air,

Breaks apart the drops that

I have lovingly placed onto each letter

I speak.


It sends up sparks,

Generating a sharp crackle

In my words,

Indicative of a fire that cannot be contained,

Of a damage beyond repair.


A damage

That has not broken me,

But a damage

That has broken the dam

Holding back these damning words

That is capable of scorching so many souls.

Ericka Shin is a writer for the Weekender. Contact her at [email protected]