Bad mischaracterization of business group shows bias

William Pan/Staff

Regarding your description of the Downtown Berkeley Association, or DBA, in Semira Sherief’s article in your Sept. 30 edition: The DBA is composed of downtown businesses, both large and small, and advocates for those businesses. It is not “a nonprofit focused on making improvements to the downtown area” as your article stated, unless your definition of “improvements” is making things better for business at the expense of civil liberties and everyone else. The DBA has advocated for anti-Berkeley values, such as anti-homeless and anti-panhandling laws, for example.

Please do not print propaganda like this. If you wish to print an unabashedly pro-business article, then make it clear that’s what you’re doing. But don’t print outright deceptions like the one here. I read The Daily Californian to get honest news about what’s going on in Berkeley and on campus, not to be propagandized for the benefit of business. If I want the latter, I could just read the corporate press.

—Jeff Hoffman,
Berkeley resident

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