Keeping your medicine cabinet stocked

We are mid-way through October, the days are getting colder and our stress levels are getting further out of control. As a result, we at the Clog decided to compile a list of medicines that you should always have in your cabinet. We hope you don’t need to use them, but if you follow our advice, you’ll be prepared on the off-chance that you do. There are also other medicinal supplies that you should always have with you to help you avoid germs and relieve injury pains.

  1. Cough Syrup: Make sure to keep a bottle of up-to-date cough syrup with you in case you ever have a cold or a cough that doesn’t go away. We understand how uncomfortable it is to stifle your painful cough in the middle of class, and this will help ease the discomfort.
  2. Cough drops: You should keep a few cough drops with you at all times during the day and have a packet at home in your cabinet. We recommend leaving some in your backpack, because they provide instant, though temporary, relief if you aren’t at home.
  3. Tiger Balm: Tiger balm is an herbal ointment that you can apply to an injured area on your body, on your chest or your throat if you’re having discomfort from a cough or congested system.
  4. Thermometer: Make sure to have a thermometer with you. If you start to feel terribly sick, we recommend that you take your temperature, and if it’s too high, go to the Tang Center instead of trying to wait the fever out.
  5. Eye drops: Sometimes your eyes can even start to burn, get dry or turn pink when you’re sick or have allergies. To ease your pain, keep a bottle of eye drops with you to ease the discomfort.
  6. Tylenol: Tylenol does wonders for the simplest type of discomfort. Whether you have a headache or a fever, Tylenol can sustain you for a couple of extra hours.
  7. Ibuprofen: If you’re having stomach aches, for whatever reason, make sure to take an Ibuprofen, as it will relieve your pain and let you sleep properly and peacefully.
  8. Bengay: It’s also a good idea to keep a tube of Bengay ointment with you. You can apply Bengay to areas that you’ve injured to help you heal faster and relieve your pain.
  9. Band-Aids/antiseptic ointment: Keep band-aids and antiseptic ointment in your cabinet as well, just in case you get a cut or scab and need to protect it.
  10. Hand sanitizer: You should keep hand sanitizer in your backpack, especially during germs season. Although it may not necessarily keep you from falling sick, it’s a good idea to sanitize your hands before eating, as you might not always have the chance to go to the bathroom and wash your hands.
  11. Sleep: Although you can’t keep sleep in your medicine cabinet, we highly recommend that you get enough sleep each night, as this is probably one of the best ways to avoid getting sick or overly stressed.

Even though we hope you don’t fall sick, if you do, make sure to use the supplies you have in your cabinet and schedule an appointment with the Tang Center to have a check-up done. Don’t let the midterm season stress you out to a point where you fall sick. Stay strong!

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