Late night on Sproul

Sproul at Night
Rayanne Piaña/File

Let’s face it, Sproul during the day can be a little overwhelming. Crowds, bikes, scooters, one-wheeled skateboards, tablers and flyers galore. You probably avoid it during peak times, even. But what happens when the sun goes down and you have no choice but to make the trek through Sproul while walking home from Main Stacks or a club meeting? We at the Clog have made this journey, so you know how to prepare yourself.

Weird a cappella groups emerge from the shadows.

When we say “Late Night” on Sproul, we mean it. A cappella performances on Sproul during the afternoon are typically all sunshine and rainbows and intended for the children, but when the sky goes black, it ain’t for children no more. Perched underneath Sather Gate any time after 9 p.m., you may find a group of 6-8 20-something-year-old dudes singing about their enormous, um, Campanile

Pokémon Go is still a thriving activity.

“Are you guys looking for the Dratini too?” If you’ve ever been to Sproul Plaza in the wee hours of the night, this question may sound familiar to you. During the day, you may think that “catching them all” is a dying pastime, but once night falls, all those Pokemon trainers come out to play. You better believe that Poké balls are being thrown, and Pikachus are being caught.

Tablers continue (to fail) in their efforts. 

Sproul may as well replace New York City, because it’s the city that never sleeps. Or at least, its tablers never do. If you get lucky, sometimes you might find yourself walking down a sad version of Candy Cane Lane, where clubs’ tents and tables are strung with twinkly lights to convince you to waste your time learning about how you can save the (insert noun here). If you thought you would be free from flyers being shoved into hands whether you like or not, then sorry pal, you thought wrong. Stick to daytime Sproul. It’s basically the same but with more ways to avoid the dreaded Sproul tablers. And less creepy.

There’s creepy mood lighting at Sproul Hall. 

Halloween may be near, but the ominous orange light underneath Sproul Hall can seem pretty spooky, especially when there’s no other source of light. Walking down Sproul Plaza at night is quite the experience. If you’re a fan of eerie mood lighting, then it’s definitely the place for you. Just maybe call a Bear Walk or have some pepper spray handy. You never know when a real clown is going to make an appearance.

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