Yes on 51: Bonds for public schools

Crystal Zhong/Staff

It’s a tepid yes on this one. Proposition 51 would authorize the state to raise $9 billion in bonds and use that money to build or repair schools and campus grounds, and it would make education more accessible to people in California.

It’s hard to say no to that. The state of California chronically underfunds its schools, and any attempt at rectification ought to be taken seriously.

On the other hand, the proposition doesn’t ensure that the funds from the bond will get to those most in need. Instead, they go to the first in line, which means schools and communities that already have the resources to quickly and efficiently complete the paperwork are posed to receive the most money.

Instituting a system that ensures the state prioritizes the most underfunded, underperforming schools would make this proposition easier to swallow — especially because it promises to take many years to pay off.

That doesn’t invalidate a simple truth, though. State public education, as a whole, needs more money, and Proposition 51 will provide it.

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