Yes on 54: For transparent governance

Crystal Zhong/Staff

Should Proposition 54 be approved, the law would require that the state Legislature publish any legislation online at least 72 hours before voting on it.

A clear win for transparent governance.

The one drawback? The law might make it more difficult for legislators to craft emergency, last-minute changes to their bills to secure needed votes. But because most of those sunset additions to the laws happen in back rooms, hidden from the public eye and privy to shady dealings, this might be the proposition’s greatest strength.

The state capitol is beholden to its people, and Californians deserve legislators who understand that. Giving us one more way to keep Sacramento in check could only improve our democracy.

The fact that the only major opposition to this proposition comes from California’s Democratic party — which enjoys an effective political monopoly over the state — only highlights the need for greater transparency.

Proposition 54 opens the door for that transparency. A yes vote means constituents can walk through it.

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