Yes on 64: Legalize marijuana

Kristine Wong/Staff

We’ll be blunt: It’s about time.

Legalizing weed is pretty damn overdue. And while it would have been fun to lead the nation, Californians will instead fall in third place behind Washington and Colorado. Luckily, the precedent clearly shows that voting yes on Proposition 64 is a good move.

Both Colorado and Washington have reaped millions in tax benefits, and police no longer have to run after irresponsible 20-somethings who are caught smoking in their spare time. It also takes away an excuse to unfairly arrest people of color for nonviolent drug offenses.

Opponents of this proposition — a collection of out-of-touch old farts — paint a picture of an apocalyptic world where high drivers take to the streets and children sneak pot brownies into school. These opponents need to relax, and we know just what they need.

This proposition doesn’t make it legal to drive while under the influence. And the legal age for use will be 21 years old, as it is for alcohol.

At this point, it’s so easy to get a medical marijuana card that most residents of California can obtain cannabis anyway. Might as well make it easier to regulate.

Concerns that legalizing marijuana will lead to an unstoppable corporate force akin to the tobacco industry are the strongest case against legalization. But Proposition 64 includes a provision that would forbid monopolization for the next 12 years. It’s not ideal, but by then, better anti-trust policies should be in place.

In any case, don’t let the prospect of monopolization 12 years down the road stop everyone else from having a good time. Give Proposition 64 the green light.

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