Berkeley middle school teacher Yvette Felarca returns to classroom

Derek Remsburg/File

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On Wednesday, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School teacher Yvette Felarca returned to her classroom after six weeks of administrative leave.

The Berkeley Unified School District placed Felarca on administrative leave Sept. 21 after she was filmed physically attacking a self-proclaimed white nationalist during a protest in June. On Wednesday, a Berkeleyside article reported that Felarca was returning to teach at the middle school.

“I am very happy not only that I won this victory, but that this was a victory for other teachers and school workers,” Felarca said about her reinstatement. “It was a movement to defend quality public education in Berkeley.”

Berkeley Unified School District spokesperson Charles Burress confirmed that Felarca returned to teach yesterday, but would not comment on the topic any further because of “confidentiality requirements regarding personal matters.”

After the protest in June, in which some members including Felarca of the activist group By Any Means Necessary, or BAMN, were stabbed by white nationalists, the Berkeley school district started an investigation into concerns that were raised surrounding Felarca.

Felarca said she thinks she was reinstated because there was growing community support for her to return to teaching.

“I received new organizational support … not only from Berkeley, but (from) new supporters internationally,” Felarca said. “So this situation became untenable for the administration.”

Felarca said there was a meeting on Tuesday between her attorney Shanta Driver, the president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers Cathy Campbell and members of the school district administration, including Superintendent Donald Evans.

Felarca said she believes that the decision to end her administrative leave had already been made prior to that meeting, and that the meeting took place because of that decision.

On Oct. 26, Felarca filed a lawsuit against Berkeley Unified School District, alleging in part that the school district violated her First Amendment rights by placing her on involuntary paid leave based on her involvement with a political group.

Ronald Cruz, an attorney for BAMN who is involved in the lawsuit, confirmed that the lawsuit is still proceeding.

“We continue to … fight for her free speech right and academic freedom,” Cruz said. “We also seek damages for the violations on her rights … to make sure that everybody’s rights are protected.”

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  • Lyin Ryin More

    By any means necessary- how is that going to bite her in the ass…live by the sword sweety- die by it.

  • My2Yen

    This works.

    BAMN – By All Means Necessary

  • Jonathan Dexter

    Kill it before it can lay eggs in the childrens brains.

  • mary ward

    No teaching credential on record under her name.

  • KD

    We continue to … fight for her free speech right and academic freedom….
    Do they mean her right to protest others trying to exercise THIER rights to free speech? Its a friggin joke. These leftist goon squad Nazi fascist hypocrites are either too arrogant or too ignorant to see who they are. THEY are the brown suiters.

  • Ieat hummus

    Shanta Driver is not just some
    random attorney representing
    Yvette Felarca.
    She is the most senior member and
    leader of the Revolutionary Workers League (RWL).
    Driver has been the lead dictator of
    this communist ‘organization’ for the
    past 26 years, and Yvette Felarca has been one of her agents for almost
    that long.

    Photo 1: Yvette Felarca organizing
    attacks and rioting. Indianapolis, Indiana,
    October 16th, 1993.

    Photo 2: Shanat Driver organizing
    attacks and rioting, with Yvette Felarca
    standing behind her (Driver’s left shoulder) and smiling approvingly.

    • My2Yen

      Above links have been removed.

    • Ieat hummus

      I don’t give a f uck.
      I have plenty of photos, videos,
      and information for public dissemination about the
      senior leadership and cadre
      of the revolutionary workers league (RWL).
      The those s hitbags being,
      Yvette Felarca, Mark Airgood,
      Tania Kappner, Ronald Cruz, Caroline Wong, Todd Heller,
      Shanta Driver, Adam Lerman,
      Hoku Jeffrey, Kate Stenvig,
      Liana Mulholland,
      Donna Stern and Michael Mulholland (parents of Liana) and Steve Conn, who continue to hide behind the front group BAMN in the Bay area, L.A.
      and Detroit.
      BAMN is a front group that
      was created by the RWL in 1995,
      by Shanta Driver and Leland Sanderson, to hide and cover
      their communist and revolutionary
      organizing and activities, and to
      more easily facilitate their infiltration of the campaigns and work of other leftist/progressive
      organizations, with the sole purpose of (always) establishing
      connections to recruit new contacts for molding into future
      cadre of the RWL.
      However, whether they become RWL cadre is contingent on
      if the majority finds them sexually desirable, along with coupling
      that to a successful cult brainwashing.
      Moreover, Leland is one of the (two) founding members
      of the RWL.

    • Ieat hummus

      Shanta Driver being
      interviewed and standing next
      to Yvette Felarca on February 27th,
      in defense of anti-Milo riots.

      m youtube com/watch?v=2v9E3056Gek&feature=youtu . be&a=

      Mark Airgood (mentioned above), Oakland teacher: Mark Airgood of EON/BAMN demands that Berkeley School Board members say where they stand

      m youtube com/watch?v=OujwJ0ib3Q0

      Michigan activities: illegal alien BAMN Leader Jose Alvarenga Arrested at the University of Michigan

      m youtube com/watch?v=EItm6EkjDxc

      mobile twitter com/followbamn

  • Jay Beswick

    She is on DOJ’s radar!

  • dvrmte

    She is allowed to brainwash children with radical ideologies. She is the face of pure evil.

  • Mark Talmont

    Kind of disturbing story about BAMN here, though not surprising this sort of thing is going on:

  • Howard Peabody

    I’m just happy this woman doesn’t have any children. God — that would suck big time having this wack-job as your mom.

    • Jay Beswick

      LGBT she has no kids! She is not traditional.

      • Ieat hummus

        Especially the fetus she
        aborted during summer of 1994.

        • Lyin Ryin More

          My gawd- yeah for us, I mean her mother coulda swallowed and then we wouldnt be dealing with this lady with clear- DADDY ISSUES.

    • Ieat hummus

      The abortion she had
      during the summer of 1994
      ruined her plumbing.

      • Canuck Sailor

        proof there is a God…

    • Rick Jones

      She’s teaching yours and mine. She refers to them as “my students”.

  • Steven

    The thing is the school district did not try to fire her for what she did in Sacramento (and I truly hate what she did there). I mean everyone is assuming that is the real issue.

    They went after her for indoctrinating students (mind you they seemed to have given her 10 years of good evaluations). They had one anonymous complaint from years ago, and did not even bother to interview any students till the day they suspended her (they interviewed students who are just learning English, with out first notifying parents, or having a translator, on legal manners). Students also wrote petitions on her behalf and got hundreds of current and past students to sign it. We did not hear one parent come forward with a complaint against her in all of this time.

    They went after her pay saying they did not believe she was sick (can you prove your sick from two years ago).

    They went after her for talking poorly about admin (does no one else not talk smack about there boss).

    This would have been very different if it was really about Sacramento, but after I read what the school district filled against her, it forced every teacher in the district to support her (no matter what their thoughts on her actions outside of school was).

    • Jay Beswick

      In practice BAMN is an antifa cult, led (in part) by Yvette Felarca, that literally kidnaps teenagers, forces them to defoo their families and serve in their militant antifa organization. We have this understanding from Jevon’s Letter.

      Testimony from Jevon about BAMN as a cult (Jevon’s Letter):

      Letter from UCB alumn Jevon

      • Steven

        Then charge her with kidnapping, but again, the district did not try and fire her for that. They did not document that. Please read original post.

        • Ieat hummus

          A New York DA tried
          to do exactly that in 1995.
          But since that attempted
          prosecution failed, no legal
          authority attemped to prosecute her kidnapping activities.
          Regardless that it has been
          ongoing for the past twenty years.

  • D’Anquetil

    Assaulting someone whose views you find despicable (and they are despicable) is not free speech. BAMN’s supporters shutting down a BUSD meeting and shouting down the members in order to prevent them from speaking and holding their public meeting is also not free speech. This teacher and BAMN do not support free speech but rather bullying those who exercise it when their politics disagree. This is a terrible example for our school kids.

  • Howard Peabody

    why does God let good things happen to bad people. felarca is very bad.

  • flashsteve

    I didn’t realize there was a constitutional right to assault someone. I wonder if it had been a white teacher hitting a Black Lives Matter protester they would have received equal treatment? I think not.

    • Mark Talmont

      If someone had even a remote association with a group like the one that was assaulted they would most likely have their credential revoked. Don’t know if she’s tenured yet but she absolutely should not get it if she’s not. But then even that and a distinguished career did not protect Rafe Esquith from political assassination by the red guards that run the LA schools now, see here:

      Esquith’s program was world-renowned, awarded $100K by Oprah Winfrey, mentored by Sir Ian McKellan among others. His classes, filled with the students “of color” BAMN claims to represent, toured NYC and the nation’s capital while performing Shakespeare. (Sometimes I get the feeling groups like “La Raza” and their associates don’t like Shakespeare–too white? Probably makes them feel inadequate?)

      You can see why the wrong people are going into education! (and why the wealthy elites avoid the public schools).

    • Jay Beswick

      She is Regional Director of BAMN, under Donna Stein in Michigan. She wants to influence children, she recruits high school and college students. She ran for U.S. Secretary of Education in Washington DC. After she planned a violent protest in advance, including getting donors to provide funds for lawyers for protesters. To much was put in writing and LE wanted the list of her organizers for BAMN which are in her Facebook members. She wanted to get noticed and now she has her own file.