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Letter to old friends

Author’s note: this column was originally written on Monday on schedule to come out on Wednesday. Ultimately, I needed and still need time to think and absorb the impacts of the election and be safe. As a result, I could not change the column in time for this publication. To
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Who let the Dawgs win?

Obviously, just about everyone expected No. 5 Washington to beat the Cal football team with ease Saturday, and the Huskies did just that, winning 66-27. But how did we get here? This wasn’t Cal coming up short against a team it’s traditionally been dominated by, such as USC. Instead, this
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Election Eulogy

Farewell to the 2016 Presidential Election

Today, we are gathered here in solemn remembrance of the 2016 Presidential Election. Although it lived a long and eventful life, dragging on for nearly two years, we will miss the constant media distractions, wild scandals, name-calling, bird encounters, Twitter wars and, most of all, the memes. These past couple
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