LANY, a bi-coastal phenomenon moving beyond pop music boundaries

Starting off in 2014, LANY creates indie-leaning pop that transcends genres, locations and aesthetics. Three friends, Paul Jason Klein (lead vocals), Les Priest (keyboard and guitar) and Jake Goss (drums), met up in Nashville and later moved to Los Angeles to create songs together as LANY (pronounced “Lay-nee”). LANY’s name,
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‘Fantastic Beasts’ is (almost) fantastic

The great joy of revisiting the wizarding world of Harry Potter is spending time with its characters. Any chance to thumb through well-worn pages of the novels or tune into a Freeform (formerly ABC Family) marathon of the films feels less like experiencing a story and more like catching up
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Finish Ticket hits mark as headlining act at UC Theatre

This time last year, Alameda-based quintet Finish Ticket was opening for the wildly popular duo Twenty One Pilots on its Blurryface tour. Like several other bands who have opened for Twenty One Pilots, the exposure to a large and enthusiastic fanbase has quickly launched it into its first headlining tour
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Jay Chotirmal_online

Powering through it

Stepping Back

Since Election Day, every other word I’ve heard is about Donald Trump. A persistently blunt reminder that last Tuesday was not a hellish nightmare we would all soon arise from and later forget. I’ve observed a common trend throughout the exchanges. There’s been a great deal of misinformation about how
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Catherine Straus_online1

Cal Dining: no ‘shirt,’ no service

2 cents on 2 sides

On my first day working at Cal Dining my freshman year, my manager explained in a condescending, matter-of-fact tone that if someone was wearing too little clothing, I should refuse to serve them. Aside from specifying that every customer must wear shoes, tops and bottoms, however, my manager never explicitly
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"The Edge of Seventeen" | STX Entertainment Grade: B

‘The Edge of Seventeen’: It gets teenagers

Few high school films in the last decade understand what it’s like to be a teenager in this day and age; either they invest too much time in a ridiculously clichéd love story that fails to see the reality of teenage awkwardness (think “A Walk to Remember”). Or they try
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If Walls Could Talk

Kirk Everist keeps his pictures close, and his memories closer

On the west side of the Spieker Aquatics Complex pool, through a set of heavy doors and surrounded by the smell of chlorine, is Kirk Everist’s office. Though unassuming from the outside, the room itself bears evidence of 15 years of consistent occupancy by a successful head coach of the
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