Zach’s Snacks opens on Euclid Avenue

Priyanka Karthikeyan/Staff

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After 18 years of managing Hummingbird Cafe on Euclid Avenue, Jamal Fares has decided to move onto his next venture only a couple storefronts away: Zach’s Snacks.

Zach’s Snacks — named after Fares’ son Zakaria — has been up and running for about two weeks, and Fares is optimistic.  

“I opened it for the first time when I leased it, but didn’t have enough help,” Fares said. “I’m so glad that I kept it, there was a lot of people that wanted it.”

Fares decided to leave Hummingbird Cafe because of rising rents and increases in the minimum wage, as well as tough competition with the numerous other cafes on Euclid Avenue.

Owner of Jasmine Thai Sorachai Sahabunyakool, however, said there isn’t much competition between the stores because there are many places for people to choose from.

Zach’s Snacks aims to provide food options that are accessible for students to grab and go as they please. Fares said he believes that it is important for students on campus to have nutritious meals available to them at all times.

Fares said students are important to our society and must be fed good food to provide them the energy they need to help society develop. He added that he takes pride in cooking “real special meals” that are all homemade, contain little to no fat and are all kosher meat.

Fares wants his customers to feel welcome when they walk into his store and takes pleasure in providing a homey environment for all kinds of people.

“When I was a student, I used to go to cafes, restaurants. I didn’t find that kind of warmth from the people,” Fares said. “I’ve been around, I know what people like.”

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