Leaked audio reveals additional lewd comments from UC Regent Norman Pattiz

UC Regent Norman Pattiz, right, can be heard asking a colleague if he can hold her breasts in a recently released audio recording.
Michael Drummond/File
UC Regent Norman Pattiz, right, can be heard asking a colleague if he can hold her breasts in a recently released audio recording.

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Update 11/28/16: This article has been updated to reflect additional background information.

In new audio leaked to several media outlets, UC Regent Norman Pattiz can be heard describing pubic hair and pornographic films to colleagues — just weeks after a recording surfaced in which he made lewd comments to a female colleague.

The unsolicited statements were made in May at a studio for PodcastOne, a popular online podcast platform, by the radio mogul, according to the anonymous source of the audio.

“One of my first physical sexual sensations was reaching down in somebody’s pants and feeling pubic hair,” Pattiz said, as several colleagues could be heard laughing in response. “It was an instant hard-on, holy shit.”

The anonymous source indicated they were a former independent contractor who worked with Pattiz, the founder of PodcastOne.

“I’ll tell you who wasn’t laughing,” the source said in an email. “Three of his female employees who were there at the time. The look of disgust on their face is pretty unforgettable.”

Over the course of the 80-second, most recently leaked recording, Pattiz shares several personal observations about pornographic films. One person in the room asks why he doesn’t start his own podcast “to tell stories like this.”

“Because I’m a regent of the University of California,” Pattiz replies. “I’m the chairman of the national security labs at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore, and I’m a 20-year reserve deputy sheriff.”

“I can’t talk that way,” he said. “I’m talking this way.”

In the wake of the vulgar recording’s release last month, several women who have worked with Pattiz have come forward with their discomfort at remarks he has made in the workplace about women’s bodies.

At the UC Board of Regents meeting earlier this month, the body unanimously approved a new policy requiring that board members comply with regents sexual harassment policy and ethical standards in private life. As a result, regents are also required to take an online sexual harassment prevention course upon appointment and biannually afterward.

Pattiz, a member of the governance and compensation committee that first heard the policy proposal, has said he has already begun the mandated course.

“There is no excuse for any such comments or making anyone feel uncomfortable,” Pattiz told the Los Angeles Times after the first recording was aired. “If I did that, I sincerely apologize, and it will be a valuable learning experience.”

A UC spokesperson was unavailable for comment.

Most regents are appointed by the governor and approved by the state Senate. Pattiz is currently serving a 12-year term on the board that expires in 2026.

The board can remove members from leadership positions or ask them to resign, but the standard for removal would generally require criminal proceedings launched by the state attorney general.

Check back for updates.

Alexander Barreira is the university news editor. Contact him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter at @abarreira_dc.

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  • Nunya Beeswax

    This guy’s a jerk, no doubt. And I think hitting on his coworker ought to be enough to get him booted off the Board of Regents. But what’s the point of this story, other than “Look, a sexist pig said some vulgar and crass things in mixed company!”?

    • still trying

      It shows what is being ignored and tolerated in the 21st century and that we have not really progressed after all.

      • Nunya Beeswax

        Social progress is an illusion. One good famine and it evaporates.

        My point is more that it’s not clear whether this was a conversation in his official capacity or in some other context. The presence of employees and colleagues suggests it was the former, and in a sense a public figure like Pattiz is never really in a private situation–but I’d still like to know more about the context in which the comments were uttered.

    • John Smith

      The “point” COULD be that this inappropriate idiot’s a regent. There’s that.

      • Nunya Beeswax

        I acknowledged that in the second sentence of my post, so I’m not sure what to make of your reply. Presumably you had some purpose in writing it beyond the thrill of seeing your words on the Internet?

  • Sheppard1

    Hmm… considering the ‘president’-elect… old white men can say & do anything they want, right?

  • still trying

    No wonder nothing was done when I sent video of frat boys exposing their genitals to UC Berkeley female students. And when I sent video of a naked co-ed running from a frat house at 2 am. Again nothing was done by the Regents. Not even a cursory investigation. No wonder there are so many sexual assaults at Cal and UC. For them-this is just normal behavior.

    • John Smith

      “So many”?? Sure we live in the days of Donald Trump where truthiness is more important than actual truth, but, no, whomever has been telling you this is lying to you and you, in turn, are lying to us. Don’t do that again.

      The *fact* is that Cal has among the lowest rates of sexual assault, per-capita, of any of any US university at 0.4 per thousand.


      And, by the way, how did you happen to video a “naked co-ed running from a frat house at 2 am”?? Running from you, perhaps, or did you just happen to have been hiding in the bushes when this woman ran by? Ditto for the “frat boys” … prey tell how did you happen to catch this on video? Do you see how, combined with your proven — uh, hyperbole — this *might* call your credibility into question?

      • still trying

        Mr. Smith, You seem to be living in Egypt.

      • still trying

        Mr Smith. If you had read the article you posted you would have noticed the stats were collected regarding on campus sexual assaults. Most of the sexual assaults including those at frats are occurring off campus. Therefore are not included in the study you posted. Nice try, but comparing apples to oranges to make your point does not work with me. Frats and most student housing is not on campus, thus not included in this article you posted. My hyperbole as you stated, has all been backed up with facts, videos and personnal accounts. Your facts are not applicable because they refer to the campus proper. That is the same as using Oakland’s crime stats for describing Berkeley crime. Mr. Smith, have you ever heard of security cameras. Maybe it is time YOU join the 21st century.