UC Berkeley community reacts to Cuban leader Fidel Castro’s death

While some figures, such as President-elect Donald Trump, celebrated the passing of the figure synonymous to many with communist ideology, others expressed different sentiments — such as Miguel Altieri, a campus professor of agroecology, who said he felt “very saddened” to hear about Castro’s passing.
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The last laugh

Pot Calling the Kettle

The great secret of the ASUC, which I have divined after spending more than four years exploring its Byzantine ins and outs, is one that is probably clear to the outside observer: It is a fundamentally stupid organization. No matter how large and sprawling its bureaucracy grows, no matter the
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A liar, a scammer

Fake Out

“What is your column about, exactly?” I was quite literally asked this question on a date last week. He, like an assortment of other people in my life this semester, was mildly curious about my column’s intentions. People seemed to like my work, but clearly the larger whole of my
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