Alameda County Registrar of Voters release finalized election results

Dani Sundell/Senior Staff

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About 88 percent of Berkeley voters cast a ballot for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, with finalized election results released by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters on Nov. 22.

The next highest percentage for the presidential race in Berkeley went to Green Party nominee Jill Stein with 2,947 votes, about 4.5 percent of the vote, while Republican nominee and President-elect Donald Trump received 2,031 votes, about 3 percent of the vote — garnering the lowest percentage of the Berkeley vote of any Republican presidential candidate in over a decade.  In 2000, President George W. Bush won about 8 percent of the Berkeley vote.

The results for the U.S. Senate race in Alameda County were predictably and overwhelmingly Democratic — two Democrats, Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez sought the position. Harris won with 77.6 percent of the vote, clutching a predominant amount of precincts.

But the state Assembly seat representing much of Alameda County was contested between the two major parties. In Berkeley, Republican candidate and UC Berkeley student Claire Chiara received about 6 percent of the vote, while Democratic candidate Tony Thurmond won with about 84 percent of the vote. The vast majority of the remaining votes were undervotes, meaning voters chose neither candidate. Alternatively, an overvote occurs when a voter marks more than one candidate.

“(In) neither of those cases can we determine the voter’s intent, so they are not counted,” said Alameda County Registrar of Voters Tim Dupuis.

In Alameda County, 8,868 people cast presidential undervotes, while only 1,834 overvotes were cast. The high numbers of overvotes and undervotes can be attributed to an overall uptick in voter turnout this year, according to Dupuis, and are not necessarily related to the divisive nominees.

For the seat of Superior Court judge, however, the race was much closer. In Berkeley, winner Scott Jackson captured about 53 percent of the vote, while opponent Barbara Thomas received about 27 percent. Jackson won every precinct in Berkeley.

The overwhelming Democratic support is part of one of the highest voter turnout rates in Alameda County history, according to Dupuis. The county had a total of about 889,000 registered voters and saw about 75.42 percent turning out to vote up from 2012 numbers but below 2008 records.

The Registrar, which anticipated a 70 to 75 percent voter turnout rate, was pleased to exceed its upper goal by .42 percent, according to Dupuis. In order to meet these targets, the Registrar employs a group dedicated to helping people sign up to vote and holds year-round registration events.

The Registrar has notified the California Secretary of State of the certified results, who will then certify the state as a whole in December.

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  • bruce0712

    I wonder how many Democrats voted for Trump

  • Grandpa Dino

    Wow! The diversity of Berkeley is . . . Underwhelming!

  • Victronix

    Pretty sad –

    In California, we live in a deep blue state. This means that statewide, the vote was overwhelmingly likely to go to a Democrat. Our state is so blue that the only two choices in the Senate race were Democrats.

    California’s Electoral College votes are awarded as “winner-take all.” This means that effectively we don’t have a say in who wins the presidency. If Hillary won the state by one vote or ten million she gets every Electoral College vote.

    So voting over and over and over again for Hillary was quite a waste — everyone knew she would win Alameda County, and by NEVER VOTING for ANYONE to the LEFT of the war-mongering Democrat, there is never any real reason for those candidates to lift a finger to stop the wars, to stop the drone strikes, to stop bailing out the rich.

    The billionaire and corporate-owned candidates and their circles know how it easy it is to push you around when they look at these ridiculous numbers. Like lemmings. They know their captive audience will submit to their will as needed, spiraling the nation downward to Third World America for the 99%.

    The media is their tool to easily manipulate the Liberals, talking and walking on a leash for the super rich. All the people with PhDs and MDs and MAs and licenses — they submit to authority far more easily than the Deplorables, people who are totally out of options. The Deplorables listened to a mythical positive story and as they did, they defied NPR, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post, Vox, CBS. They had the simple emotional intelligence to understand propaganda when they saw it.

    The Deplorables heard them telling the world that Trump had “no right” to seek the presidency, and they knew it was wrong.

    Trump outsmarted the mainstream media, the Alameda County Dems and HRC herself. And regardless of how terrible Trump may be as a president, he had nerve and courage, and so did his supporters, to dare to defy the system to make their dreams real, that anyone could be president, if they really tried, and if they worked hard.

    It doesn’t matter what happens now that he won for them. What mattered was the belief, and that it happened at all.

    In the same way, for the Democrats, it didn’t matter what Obama did to many many innocent men women and children in the Middle East with drones, after he was elected. Kill switches didn’t matter. Creating mini-nukes didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. It was a feel-good family-fun movie with Michelle on the magazine covers and Barak on the late shows, and no one wanted to wake up.

    At least now, they were forced to wake up.

    • Dervis Bell

      Hey Trump won!! Good news!! Now we can send those Mezcan illegals back… pack ur bags Pedro! Sell them drugs and gang bang back on your side of the border!! Hey drill baby drill… I love the smell of oil refineries in the mornin’ don’t you?? Oh… oooh ooh global warming ooh ooh! Hey that’s for those dumb millenials to experience. I got my Ram pickup, and I want it to have a full belly of gas. You millenials just need to wake up and smell my exhaust! Yeah!! And those tree huggin Indians up there in North Dakota? We’re building a pipeline up there, so get used to it! We got plenty of bullets for ya if ya can’t keep up. Well it’s nice to know that there are some smart people in Berkeley with sense enough to support Trump! Great post!!