Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill to implement ethnic studies curriculum in all state schools

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Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill in September that will require an ethnic studies curriculum in all California public and charter high schools by 2019.

The State Board of Education is to develop a model curriculum by November 2019 to serve as a template for schools, which they can then adapt while taking into consideration their student bodies’ demographic make ups. The bill encourages schools without a pre-existing ethnic studies program to incorporate the model curriculum into a social sciences or language arts elective.

Faculty of university ethnic studies programs as well as public school teachers with experience in teaching such courses will help to develop the curriculum.

The bill was sponsored by Assemblymember Luis Alejo, the current chairman of the California Latino Legislative Caucus.

“This is historic,” Alejo said in a press release. “I thank the governor for recognizing the importance and value of having ethnic studies available to our students.”

Ethnic studies courses have had a history of long-term benefits for students, according to a Stanford University study. The study showed that students at risk of dropping out of high school who took ethnic studies courses improved their attendance and academic performance significantly.

Through the development of a comprehensive ethnic studies program, the state acknowledges the diversity in its public schools, which have the most diverse student body in the nation, Alejo said in a press release.

“Ethnic studies are not just for students of color,” Alejo said in the press release. “We should give all students the opportunity to prepare for a diverse global economy, diverse university campuses, and diverse workplaces.”

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  • Rhein Ouaiffe

    Isn’t there anyone reading here, who’s going to defend this new ethnic studies plan?

  • lspanker

    So we have high school “graduates” who are barely literate and can’t do basic addition and subtraction without a calculator, and they want to spend MORE time on this racial/ethnic grievance/victimization nonsense?

  • flashsteve

    And the school districts are going to pay for this how?

  • Mark Talmont

    A double-play for the race nationalists who dominate the legislature. Force the hiring of more reliably far-left activist types and embed Cultural Marxist doctrine even further into public education, which is already pretty much marinated in it.

    Meanwhile the “minority”-now-majority of the state is so hopelessly incapable of supplying health care professionals to serve it’s own communities that another one of these guys, Juan Arambula D-Fresno (an MD himself) wrote a law to promote the admission of “undocumented” medical school students ahead of citizens–as long as they are of Hispanic ancestry. How “progressive”!

    This is the bitter fruit of the leftist idiocy that has overly influenced education in this state in particular for far too long. And it just keeps getting worse and worse…look at what the politicrats who run the LAUSD did to Rafe Esquith, acclaimed as one of most effective educators in the nation:

    This case is kind of a “bookend” to the lost legacy of famed math teacher Jaime Escalante, who taught calculus to barrio youths as portrayed in the film “Stand and Deliver”. The LAUSD killed that off too, in spite of Escalante’s attempt to hand it over to a protege.

    • lspanker

      My experience as a high school student in Pasadena, one of the earlier fiefdoms of Ramon Cortinez, has me convinced that actual education of students comes second to political indoctrination in California K-12 public schools…

  • Grandpa Dino

    Future job prospects are looking up for these graduates – NOT!

  • Kurt VanderKoi

    Great news!

    I have mixed Northern European Ancestry (Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark) and look forward to ethnic studies courses that include counties of my ancestors.

    • Mark Talmont

      I’m afraid the premise underneath all this is that white people have no ethnicity. Which is itself a weapon of the educationists, who strive to strip out as much reality that does not suit their political schemes as they can get away with. US history is nonsensical without addressing inter-ethnic “white” issues; for instance critical aspects of the Civil War are rooted in ethnic/cultural identities going all the way back to the English vs. the Scotch and the Irish too. See for instance the masterful “The Cousin’s War” by Kevin Phillips. War historians have argued even the particular battle tactics that helped determine the outcome of the Civil War (“Pickett’s Charge”) can be traced back in this fashion.

      By the time you get to Wounded Knee, you discover the trigger-pullers on the US military side are mostly Irish immigrants, “FOB” and shipped to the frozen wasteland, swigging whiskey trying to ward off the cold. Probably a reason why Hollywood never went anywhere near the story, the facts themselves are a political problem for some people.

      • lspanker

        Uh, we don’t teach students about the Civil War, or WWII, or what happened behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. It’s all about Woodstock, Stonewall, and the desperate push of the Left to convince young skulls full of mush that they are living in 1963 Selma instead of 2016 California…

  • TNT

    What a waste. There are history classes that already discuss interactions between ethnic groups in American history. If university level ethnic studies courses do not contribute to the intellectual development of students then how will they at the high school level?

    • lspanker

      They aren’t intended to contribute to intellectual development – in fact, quite the opposite. They are intended to sow emotional responses of alienation and resentment, as a prelude to the fervent wish of the Cultural Marxists to promote open class warfare in this country…