UC Berkeley student arrested in connection with city’s 1st homicide of 2017


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Update 01/07/2017: This article has been updated to reflect additional information from the Berkeley Police Department.

The suspect wanted in connection with a stabbing and homicide was taken into custody Saturday, according to a Berkeley Police Department Nixle alert.

The BPD watch commander received a call from Burbank Police Department officers at about 1:30 p.m. Saturday, informing him that Pablo Gomez Jr., 24, of North Hollywood, California, was now in custody. Gomez, pictured above, is the primary suspect in connection with the stabbing of a female victim, as well as with the homicide of an unidentified victim, both of which occurred Friday morning. Gomez is a UC Berkeley student.

“We’re grateful to the Burbank Police Department for their assistance in this matter,” said BPD spokesperson Sgt. Andrew Frankel. “We’re glad that (Gomez) is now in custody.”

Frankel said he was unable to share additional details regarding how Gomez was apprehended.

At approximately 11:42 a.m. Friday, BPD responded to a call made on the behalf of a victim of a stabbing near the 2600 block of Ridge Road. When officers arrived at the scene, they found the victim seriously wounded and provided her with medical attention until Berkeley Fire Department transported her to a local hospital. The victim is currently in stable condition and is receiving treatment for her injuries, according to Frankel.

During the course of its investigation, BPD was led to an address on the 2400 block of Ashby Avenue, where it uncovered evidence of a violent crime. Later, BPD discovered the currently unidentified body of a homicide victim.

Check back for updates.

Contact Harini Shyamsundar and Chantelle Lee at [email protected].

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  • lspanker

    That and the fact that slasher Gomez here had a photo-op with Jerry Moonbeam Brown and his numero uno fundraiser make it quite clear that in California, the inmates are definitely running the asylum…

  • Marilyn

    CA just passed Marijuana to be legal. CA just passed that underage child will not be tried as an adult, if they are caught prostituting (child trafficking). You see Dems love child trafficking, go ask Hillary and Bill Clinton. The Bonnie and Clyde of corruption.

  • George

    He didn’t have to skin her…looks like he will be making pruno mojitos in prison for some time.

    • JW

      “He didn’t have to skin her…”


  • garyfouse

    I see that Gomez is quite the activist up there at Berkeley. There’s a video of him hassling the College Republicans on campus. Yep, he is just the kind of student that makes Berkeley famous.

    Excuse me: I should have said “they”..

  • John Smith

    Where did all this Trump crap come from around here? Giant leaps unfounded by any evidence whatsoever and slurs against minority groups make this place seem like a KKK meeting site … or Trump rally, there not being much of a difference.

    Is there a moderator here??

    • lspanker


  • Alex

    Hope he/she/they/it has fun in San Quentin!

  • raisethebar

    If the victim is the missing young woman, she was clearly a person of exceptional character and generosity who was doing great good in the world and will be terribly missed. Unlike you, I do not hope Gomez Jr. is tortured. However disturbed he is and whatever he has done, he is still a human being. I agree with you, though, that if he had a history of mental instability, those who were aware of this should have spoken up. His social media posts reveal an intense hatred for white people, including white people who devote their lives to the safety and wellbeing of others of all races. How did a person who was so openly racist and full of prejudice and hatred get admitted to UC Berkeley which turns away droves of excellent students who do not fit that toxic profile?

    • Catherine Peacock

      You did not know her. When you know someone who has been murdered you may change your opinion about his end.

      • raisethebar

        Yes, you are right. I am so sorry for your loss.

    • lspanker

      How did a person who was so openly racist and full of prejudice and hatred get admitted to UC Berkeley which turns away droves of excellent students who do not fit that toxic profile?

      Because Cal Berkeley and the other universities in the UC system are run by liberals, and liberalism is a mental disorder. Any more questions?

  • sss

    But like we don’t even know who the WOMAN who died was. If you know, since you have so thoroughly detailed a profile of her, care to disclose?

  • Mark Talmont

    This case will provide insight into the questionable judgment–and frankly, the mental stability–of the people who decide what constitutes the “news”. The EastBayTimes has stuck this item way down at the bottom of their page, apparently Sonny Dykes is bigger news than the death of an innocent. Not even on the SFGate yet, don’t hold your breath. In the past, KTVU-2 could be relied on to shine a light on such matters, as the SF types all run from anything that makes them un-come-for-table as the fact that it happened “over there” makes such a convenient excuse. But so far, nothing on the channel 2 web site.

    Thanks to the posters below for filling in some blanks–kind of sad these days when it takes individuals doing their own searching to find out what the actual facts of the case are. This is the norm; in particular with respect to reporting of crimes with an apparent “bias/hate” element. Prime example from 2016 was this racial terror “spiked’ by all national media and reported only on local LA media:


    The story would have been national, even international headlines if they could blame it on whites. This is sick. The political fanaticism of this perp will get buried too, most likely; meanwhile I fear his apparent predilection for a variant of left-wing extremism, frequently associated with threats of violence (“by any means necessary”) probably got him a thumb on the scale for admissions. What was his major? How many overachievers who wanted to study a “real” academic discipline were denied entry for this one?

    • lspanker

      The story would have been national, even international headlines if they could blame it on whites.

      BIngo. Instead of covering this story as grown adults, the lamestream media is instead glorifying all the fringe fruitcakes protesting against Trump’s inauguration and fighting with the cops. These people don’t give a flying f–k about the two victims of this hideous jackal, but G-d forbid you call the perp by a male pronoun and you get a sanctimonious lecture by twits such as Frances Dingleberry over @ Berkeleyside about how Gomez – an unrepentant killer from what we know – should be allowed to choose his own pronouns.

  • Penguin

    Some other coverage of this story says that the accused’s preferred pronoun is “they” so they actually updated the story to reflect the stupid preferences of a probable killer.

    • Nunya Beeswax


  • Marilyn

    I don’t care where he is from, his race or his sexual preference. I care that he should be tried and punished for his crime.

    • Susan

      Thats all in his favor= california style=victims and make excuses and put them on pedestals=disgusting and shameful but obummer is smiling

  • Eugee

    They’s twitter account is so vile, you can’t really post it in the comment section:

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    “Why the fu *k do white people always think they’re the victims do you not understand you are the world’s #1 perpetrators”

    • lspanker

      The fact that such a filthy violent bigot is given a pass based on his (yes, HIS) ethnicity and gender confusion is one of the many reasons why I rejected liberalism years ago. Liberals CLAIM to be opposed to “racism”, “bigotry”, etc. but their compulsive need to punish the rest of society for not sharing their views allows them to take low-functioning haters and losers like this Gomez character and elevate them to the status of exalted victim.

  • roccolore

    Since the killer is gay, liberals will make excuses for him.

    • SamXie

      He’s gay, He’s Hispanic and he’s an SJP supporter. His Facebook page prominantly features the Students for Justice in Palestine “Day Of Action” event. Maybe this is the launch of Hatem’s “Intifada in America”

      • lspanker

        He’s gay, He’s Hispanic and he’s an SJP supporter.

        Stupid Juveniles for Palestine, another group of winners… Amazing how people who are hysterical over “micro-aggressions” and the election of Donald Trump have NO problem in raising money for a group of people who think that “justice” entails putting suicide vests on their children so they can blow themselves up and kill other people’s children in the process.

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