How to curb summertime boredom without an internship

Isabelle Doerschlag/Staff

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There are plenty of reasons you might not be interning this summer. Maybe you’re not old enough, maybe you’re busy with other things, maybe you applied for some but didn’t get accepted. Either way, without the extreme workload that we UC Berkeley students usually face, the boredom that comes from withdrawals is sure to kick in by at least the third week of summer. You’re going to find it hard to simply kick a can around for all of summer, but luckily for you, we’ve got a series of suggestions that will help you occupy the masses of free time you’re going to have.

Work a summer job or volunteer

What better way to spend your time off than to work even more? Working a job over the summer won’t be enough to cover all of your tuition anymore, but any amount of extra money in your pockets is good money. If you manage to work or volunteer in your field of expertise (say, if you were a biology major, working at a science summer camp) that just adds to the amount of experience you’re gaining, even without an internship. All of that free time will vanish if you’re working it away for some extra pocket cash.

Take summer classes

Just like with getting a summer job, there’s no shame in staying at school over the summer and bulking up your education by taking a few more classes. The summer semester’s a great time to take some classes outside of your focus, or even catch up on graduation or major requirements so you don’t need to worry about staying that extra year. You could even take fun classes to explore other major and minor to add onto your resume. After all, there’s never a problem with too much learning.


Traveling is a surefire way to defeat boredom, especially traveling internationally. Of course, this can only be achieved if you have the funds for it, but if you are capable of going international or studying abroad then this is a really good option to defeat summertime sadness. Studying abroad, or just simply traveling over the summer, is a way to explore the vast world we live in and interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds while literally becoming a global student. It’s best to understand more than just the United States, or whichever country you’re from, and there’s never too much multiculturalism!

Start a journal/blog/YouTube channel

I’ll readily admit that this one’s a little out there, but hear me out. What better way to get rid of the monotony of life than by cataloguing it? Take note of little happy and bright things in your days so that there’s something different and exciting in each day. Not every exciting event has to be earth-shattering to be worth noting. Anything that makes you smile, from a tiny road trip with friends to seeing a cute and friendly dog while on a morning walk, is worth remembering, and what better way to remember than to write it down or make note of it somewhere you can go back and relive the tiny happinesses in each day.

Dominate the world

At last, your master plan is complete. Now that you have the free time to put thought and effort into your world domination scheme, it is coming to fruition. First, you will infiltrate the media, then the government, then the international governments, and soon, the world will be your’s! It’s all your’s! Nothing will stand in your way! You can do anything you want! You can finally play basketball in the secret White House court! You can visit Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen body! You can watch Netflix for three days straight and no one can judge you, because you are their ruler! Mwuahaha!

Sleep in and rest

Now, this one’s one that most everyone will be doing over summer break anyway, but it’s important to remember. This is your summer break, meaning that you will have a lot of free time, and it’s easy to get lost on social media or scrolling through random Wikipedia pages into the dead of night, since you don’t need to wake up for class next morning. Then, when you get back you’ll try to fix your sleep schedule. That’s not going to work. Go to sleep at a reasonable time, and sleep in as much as you want. Work out as much as you want, eat as much as you want, and rest as much as you want. This is your break, and you need to focus on your health before you come back to school.

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