Milo Yiannopoulos event canceled as violent protests erupt at UC Berkeley

Mikaela Raphael/Staff

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Controversial conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos’ campus appearance was canceled Wednesday evening after a group of about 150 violent agitators interrupted an otherwise peaceful protest of more than 1,500 people, resulting in large fires and several broken windows in the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union building.

By 5:30 p.m., protesters had amassed on Sproul Plaza and were chanting, “No Milo, no Trump, no fascist U.S.A.” The protests later escalated, and some outside the building set off fireworks, threw rocks and bricks and hammered windows. UCPD determined that it was necessary to evacuate Yiannopoulos from the premises to ensure his safety about 6:00 p.m., but protests continued.

Yiannopoulos, an editor for the conservative news site Breitbart, was invited to speak by campus political group Berkeley College Republicans, or BCR. After Yiannopoulos evacuated the campus, he said on Facebook that he and his team were safe.

“Something very disturbing happened on the UC Berkeley campus,” Yiannopoulos said in a live Facebook video. “I’m just sitting in my hotel room, stunned, that hundreds of people were throwing rocks … and had to be subdued … because they’re so threatened.”

About five people were injured during the course of the event with varying degrees of severity, according to BPD spokesperson Officer Byron White. Both BPD and UCPD did not make any arrests.

According to a campus statement, the violence was instigated not by students, but by a group of about 150 “masked agitators who came onto campus and interrupted an otherwise non-violent protest.”

Eddy Brock, a campus alumnus who planned to attend the Yiannopoulos event, said the group of radical protesters allegedly punched him in the face and attacked him with rocks, leaving him with lacerations.

“It isn’t UC Berkeley and it isn’t the students,” Brock said of the violence at the protest. “(But) to me the students are complicit because they stood back and watched.”

“We condemn the violence and the mayhem — the destruction of property,” said UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof. “We deeply regret the fact that the actions of the few interfered with the desires of the many to engage in legal and lawful protest, and in doing so, also forced the cancellation of the event that one of our student groups had worked long and hard on.”

Uber driver Casey Benson, who was working near Bancroft Way, said he saw people wearing all black and masks about 6 p.m. The masked individuals blocked the road with barricades from a construction site and then set it on fire while chanting, according to Benson. Campus junior Kenny Lu also saw masked individuals start the fire before fleeing the scene.

About 6:20 p.m., UCPD began deploying rubber bullets. UCPD also announced that all campus buildings were on lockdown and advised students to shelter in place.

“I think the police have obviously got to protect the campus,” said campus senior Hasko Ali. “Pointing guns at us is kind of scary because we don’t know if it’s … bullets or tear gas.”

Some members of the crowd knocked over a flood light and set it on fire. The flood light exploded shortly thereafter and became a “whirlpool fire,” said BCR treasurer David Craig.

By 6:30 p.m., UCPD declared the meeting an unlawful assembly and gave the crowd 10 minutes to disperse. About 6:40 p.m., UCPD issued a stay-away order in the area where Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue intersect.

“I’m outraged that Milo has been given a platform at UC Berkeley, and there should be no place for him here,” said Samara Halperin, a visiting assistant art professor at Mills College. “He should be scared that people aren’t going to stand for this.”

Craig, however, said he was disappointed that the event was canceled and was disturbed by how violent the protests became.

“It’s sad that these people consider themselves the intellectual descendants of Mario Savio,” Craig said. “The founder of the Free Speech Movement would be rolling in his grave to know that people in his name are shutting down speech they don’t agree with and attacking people.”

BPD announced about 6:53 p.m. that crowd members along the Telegraph Avenue corridor were engaging in physical fights with one another.

According to campus senior Alex Crawford, some people in the crowd grabbed and threw a man who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

“They grabbed his hat. … He kind of, like, scurried off,” Crawford said. “They picked (the hat) up. They put it on a stick, and then they burned it.”

About 8:15 p.m., BPD announced that hundreds of people were walking southbound on Telegraph Avenue, approaching Channing Way. Many of the people in the crowd by that point were not campus students.

Some individuals smashed ATMs from the Bank of America on Telegraph Avenue, while others sprayed the words “Kill Trump” on the front of Noah’s Bagels.

BPD announced about 8:40 p.m. that there “may have been (a) hit (and) run collision … where a person may have been struck,” involving a white BMW at the intersection of Durant and Telegraph avenues. BPD said, however, that it has not found the victim.

About 9:24 p.m., a group of 200 to 300 people started moving back toward the UC Berkeley campus, with members of the crowd continuing to vandalize businesses. A few minutes later, there were reports of riot police near California Hall.

BART temporarily canceled stops at the Downtown Berkeley station because of “a civil disturbance.”

By 10:52 p.m., UCPD issued an “all clear” for the shelter in place. UCPD warned the community to be aware of the debris left over from the protests, and it announced that the campus will still be open Thursday morning for business and regularly scheduled classes.

Students expressed concern and disappointment that the protest had escalated to violence. Some began cleaning up after the crowd on Telegraph Avenue as it began to disperse, and campus senior Mako Inouye wiped off vandalism from the Bank of America ATM machines.

After the protests, some students organized a Facebook event called “Clean Up Berkeley” to encourage the campus community to help clean up the neighborhood.

“I’m really overwhelmed and shocked,” said campus sophomore Serene Kuramarohit. “I think that the meaning of this protest is still valid, but I believe that it’s meant to be nonviolent, and this kind of contradicts that.”

Chancellor Nicholas Dirks will be sending a message to the campus Thursday to address the fallout of the Yiannopoulos event, according to Mogulof.

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  • Valchrist

    Like how the Berkely Police department says that 2X as many rioters left the event to destroy the city afterward, than Berkeley administrations estimates, which were published in all the Mainstream Media accounts as “150 ANTIFA” instead of the 300+ there were.
    Most leave out the 1st floor being breached as well.

  • Mitch Powell


  • garyfouse

    Unfortunately, they are a burden. They are a burden in our emergency rooms and a burden in our schools. They also take away low level and entry level jobs from American workers. In addition, among the millions of otherwise decent people looking for work, there is a criminal element. As things now stand with sanctuary cities we cannot effectively find and remove even those.

    I agree with your point that we have a moral duty to help the poor of the world and guess what-we do. No other country gives as much in foreign aid to help the poor. No other country is as generous. There is a limit, however. Go to a place like Calcutta and tell yourself that we should bring all those people living on the streets to America.

    As for the Syrians, we could establish safe zones in the region. There is no need to bring them all to the US, Australia, Canada and Europe. Presently, there are refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and one other country. Yet, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the other Gulf States take none-zero. Why is that? They don’t want them.

    And if you bring so-called Syrian refugees here, how many American dead from a terror attack are you willing to sacrifice? So-called Syrian refugees have carried out attacks in Europe already because they opened the floodgates to all.

  • M.

    Hate speech is not free speech. There’s a reason we don’t televise the ramblings of the triple k, and that’s because it invites hate toward a given ethnicity or group. There’s no room for that in today’s world.

    • ray

      You should probably brush up on what “free speech” actually means.

  • sundaze

    Thanks for having Disqus. It is a real service to us all. Helping keep free speech is alive and well.

  • DynamicButtscratch37

    More of a property destroying riot that a legal protest. Hope the school has the balls to expel at least 20 of these students identified in footage & photos.

  • garyfouse

    To Discus-IC….

    I cannot speak for everything Milo says, but I do not believe he is all the things people claim him to be. That being said, let me address the Muslim ban. First of all the travel ban’s sole purpose is to protect American lives. Second, if you are not an American citizen, you have no God given or Constitutional right to enter this country-or any other country. I will agree that the ban order could have been done in a smoother manner that would have accommodated those in transit or with visas or green cards.

    As for the “undocumented, being married to a Mexican immigrant (legal), I understand the complexities. Trump has come to understand that first we secure our border, which is our right. Then we turn our attention to the criminal element among them and try to remove them. Then when things are under control, we can figure out a humane and bi-partisan way to deal with the other 11-12 million who are just trying to work and support their families. Nobody thinks we can possibly deport 12 million people.

    The point is that we cannot just open our borders to whomever wants to come. Nobody is saying that American Muslims are all terrorists. Their rights must be respected, and they will be. At the same time, we cannot be blind to the threat of Islamic terrorism.

    Obviously, you are not going to like everything Trump does, and I also have my own trepidations when it comes to foreign policy and diplomacy. At the same time, I hear a lot of fears that are ungrounded including your concerns about LGBTQ rights. We still have our constitution and our laws.

    • M.

      How do you think one becomes an American with”God given rights”, if not through emigration?

      I don’t think you would have wrote this if it concerned non-Muslims. The ban is tantamount to religious persecution. There are far more domestic Christian terrorists by comparison in this country. Burning Mosques, Planned Parenthoods, and shooting up schools for reasons so small as petty insecurities.

      Children being held as prisoners, and people who have the legal right to live here being kept from their families for long hours is NOT America.

      • garyfouse

        I think you are wrong on several fronts.

        Nobody has the :”right” to immigrate to another country unless that country chooses to accept him or her.

        If we were threatened by Buddhist terrorists, for example, I would write the same thing.

        As for your domestic Christian terrorists, you are simply wrong. Mosques are not burning. There have been a couple of fires set and I condemn it as well as any vandalism.Many of the reported incidents against Muslims have proved to be hoaxes. I do not condone any action against American Muslims, but with few exceptions, Americans have proven to be very fair in not lashing out against innocent Muslims.

        As for persecution, are you aware of the persecution going across the Muslim world against religious minorities? In Syria and Iraq, Christians and Yazidis are running for their lives from a campaign of genocide. The Baha’i in Iran. In Egypt, Coptic churches are really being burned to the ground. Christians in Pakistan are persecuted. Nothing like that is happening here.

        As a for your other examples, I don’t agree with any physical attacks on abortion clinics, but how many have there been-a dozen or so over the years? The school shootings had nothing to do with any religious motivation. Are you going to list Charles Manson as an example too?

        The president is trying to save American lives. Granted, the first day of the ban was not organized well and 109 people were held at airports for several hours.

        But you need to get off this idea that anybody can enter our country, and the government has no say about it. As for the Trump ban Check out Title 8 of the US Code Chapter 12 section 1822 (f). It is clear and it is the law.

        • M.

          Our Constutution gives freedom to immigrate and emigrate to this country, especially the poor and persecuted; this means refugees and those from communist countries and those in general need.

          There have been more than a dozen instances of Planned Parenthood attacks in recent years. And since trump took office a reported hundred or so acts against Muslim individuals. Terrorism doesn’t need to be religiously motivated to be terrorism.

          And as for how other countries treat others of different religions, those crimes are on them – we are NOT those countries. This is America, and our Forefathers created this country with the intent to rise above the intolerance of other nations. They having been refugees upon arrival.

          People who already have the legal right to live here, be it through Green Card or Visa, should not be shut out because of their religion or their ethnic association with their religion, and those seeking refuge should not be denied what we should be grateful for, having been born in this country.

          One Nation with Liberty and Justice for All, not some.

          • garyfouse

            I don’t know where in the Constitution it says that anyone can immigrate to this country. Immigration into this country is at the pleasure of the US. It has been our tradition to give refuge to the persecuted, but if being poor entitled you to come here, we would have a majority of the world’s poor here already. There hundreds of millions of people in this world in general need. That doesn’t give them the right to come here-unless we agree to take them. Immigration is for the benefit of the US-not for the benefit of the immigrant.

            Perhaps you would like to research and document every Planned Parenthood attack in recent years. As for the 100+ acts against Muslims, is the change in presidents a factor? And before you give me examples you’d better wean out the hoaxes.

            In comparing America to those other countries, I outlined the difference for you already. We have not duplicated the persecutions, the burnings the killings etc because we are not them.

            As for the green cards, visas, that mess on the first day of the ban has been corrected and they are free to stay.

            Keep one thing in mind. The prime duty of govt. is to protect the people (us) not to bestow benefits on the rest of the world.

          • M.

            We don’t have a duty to let everyone in, but we have always welcomed everyone who needed a helping hand, and that includes those who are desperate, and that includes the poor who come here for better opportunities. To deny those who need help, to judge an entire ethnicity based on the actions of a few is wrong on any level.

            Do you honestly believe people who come here illegally do so to mow lawns for a living?

            Of course not. They risk their lives coming here out of desperation. To feed themselves, or their family, and escape persecution. Ring a bell?

            It should, because that’s how and why our Forefathers came here. It’s the very reason they wrote laws protecting those who come here for a better life. Yeah, they lifted the ban on Visas and Green Card holders, but it should not have been an issue to begin with, and it caused a lot of pain for a good amount of people. That trump even thought this up is deplorable. You say he did it to protect American people, but Muslims who live here are American people too. Unless you’re only count Anglo Saxons as American.

            To place an entire ethnicity and their religion as dangerous is wrong. The Muslim religion is a peaceful religion, that has been exploited by terrorist groups as a recruitment tool, by twisting it into something it’s not. What trump did was religious persecution, and it doesn’t protect anyone; it actually invites violence all the way around, by giving a level of phychological permission for racists here to pick on Muslims, and giving terrorist groups another reason to rile each other up against us.

            When I wrote that we are not those other countries, I meant that we are better than those other countries, in that we do not have laws that reject certain peoples based on their religion or ethnicity. I was going against your assertion that other countries have measures to reject others, and that we should follow suit. To reject based on those criteria is, again, NOT AMERICA. Not what we stand for.

            As for Planned Parenthood, do some quick searches and you’ll see at least two attacks last year, and many small incidents through the last decade, and I don’t need to tell you about the small protests here and there, and the effort to frame them as organ harvesters, or the many attempts to defund them, and even blocking them from handing out contraceptives. Christian nut jobs don’t let up. Women have the right to choose to do whatever they want with their body.

          • garyfouse

            “We don’t have a duty to let everyone in, but we have always welcomed everyone who needed a helping hand, and that includes those who are desperate, and that includes the poor who come here for better opportunities.”

            OK, so let’s drop the Constitution from this discussion. As for the poor, when people overseas especially from poorer countries apply for tourist visas, they have to show they have the means to live in their own countries even to the point (when I was working in Thailand at least) of showing bank account records, We wanted to make sure they
            1- would not be a drain on the US and 2- were not intending to stay and find work,

            As for those coming to now our lawns, I assume you refer mostly to Mexicans. I have been married to a legal Mexican immigrant for 41 years and have a good understanding of the dynamics that drive illegal immigration. Contrary to popular belief, Mexico is not a poor country. It is a wealthy country with every imaginable natural resource, from oil to gold, silver, copper and great coastlines that have been converted into fabulous resorts that bring in millions of tourists., Unfortunately, the wealth in Mexico is concentrated in the hands of a few-much more that you might claim about the US. That leaves everyday Mexicans left without the means for a good education, jobs and being able to support their families. So they come to the US-as you or I would- to survive. It is corruption in Mexico that is the problem. Mexico uses it a safety valve to head off revolutions and the remittances from the US back to Mexican families is the country’s second biggest source of income. What suffers is our ability to control immigration. It’s a complex problem.

            “You say he did it to protect American people, but Muslims who live here are American people too. Unless you’re only counting Anglo Saxons as American.”

            Don’t be ridiculous. He is trying to protect all innocent Americans including innocent American Muslims. We don’t need jihadis in the country and either do they.

            While most Muslims are peaceful, Islam as a political ideology-which it is with a veneer of religion- is not peaceful. You need to read the Koran, the hadith and the life of Mohammad. Moreover you need to learn how to read the Koran and see which suras or chapters are in chronological order because the book itself is not ordered that way.

            You also need to learn about sharia law, especially the part called hudud sharia-“Crimes Against God”, which mandate the death penalty for adultery, apostasy, blasphemy and homosexual acts. Thirty years ago, we called terrorists, fundamentalists. There was a reason. That doesn’t mean that secular Muslims especially like Sufi or Ahmadiya Muslims (who are persecuted in their home countries by the mainstream Sunnis) cannot live here according to American values of equality and respect for others. Yet we have a valid interest in trying to keep the jihadis out.

            Planned Parenthood. Tell me about criminal attacks like arson, bombing, grafitti etc, and I will agree with you. Don’t count criticism or efforts to defund as being “attacks” I refer to criminal acts not criticism.

  • KeithS

    People should know their history a little better. An arson event on a government building blamed on extreme leftists (communists) is what brought about true fascism in Nazi Germany.

  • chuckles99

    UC has problems if comments here are anything to go by. What happened to your admissions standards? Many of the people commenting don’t know what fascist means. Pretty sad. And it is laughable to speak in terms of an American “left”. That term has no meaning in the US.

  • Benjamin Eddy

    Thank you, Berkeley. Yesterday, I vaguely knew about this guy. Now, myself and thousands more know him well.

    When you allow a provocateur to provoke you, they win. Last night you gave him a huge win. His name recognition increased and you played into the narrative he’s selling his followers.

    Ann Coulter visited my campus during the GWB years. Compared to this guy, she’s Elizabeth Warren. At the time, she was considered the gold-standard provocateur. We played right into her hands then, too.

    Berkeley, this guy played you, Ann Coulter played my school (myself included), and Trump played the Press. Bully’s need attention. The best response is to ignore them–starve the Beast.

  • LeaveCapitalismAlone

    The PC Left is terrified of free speech because they have zero confidence in their “ideas”.

  • Ellen Hanson

    The talk should be rescheduled. Anything less gives the antifa a victory.

    At this point the antifa has succeeded, they have prevented the talk. It sets a bad precedent.

    The talk should be rescheduled, and the city and campus police should be tasked with preventing a repeat of the intimidation.

  • Ricardo

    Some people are condemning the more aggressive resistance actions against the provocateur, Milo. Milo intentional try’s to stir violence against minorities. Trump got over 50 million votes. Every last one of those voters supports targeting minorities with police actions, internment camps, and outright banning them from the country.

    With those thoughts in mind; we need to stop pretending that the conservatives don’t represent a clear and present danger to minority communities in the USA. They have, and will use every means at their disposal to harass, imprison, and sometimes kill “those” people. Some may say that’s being hysterical, but when minorities here POTUS targeting their ethnicity, a more vigorous response than sign waving and chants is required.

    • BrianLOConnor

      Ricardo: “Every last one of those voters supports targeting minorities with police actions, internment camps, and outright banning them from the country.”

      How do you know? Is it possible to oppose progressive policies without ” targeting minorities with police actions, internment camps, and outright banning them from the country”?

      Or are we heading into post hoc, ergo propter territory?

    • sundaze

      Your type of inflammatory hyperbole is part of the problem. Trump is actually try to DO (as in “DO”) something to directly help the troubled minority communities. He is not a racist, his non-globalist America first (for a real change!) may attract some biased people….but his message is an inclusive one for ALL groups. He is probably more liberal than Hillary, certainly not the covert war monger, interventionist she is.
      Martin L. King’s niece voted for Trump, also his son supports Trump. His niece has said that our nation needs to learn “agape” (brotherly) love, or perish as fools.

  • boogaloo

    Liberals have always been one to fight for free speech. It’s the Trump supporters, and Milo who are mocking it. Breitbart News and they’re thugs, including Steve Bannon, are enemies of the United States. Unfortunately enemies of the United States are running the government.

  • boogaloo

    Somebody in Milo’s Network hired the black masked people to start the violence. It was not the student protesters that started it. It was strangers that came in from off of Campus, out of nowhere. I believe that this was a false flag.

    • sundaze

      No. They are known by the college, police for disruptions and are called the “black bloc” group…locally based in Oakland. They are connected to George Soros, a leftist globalist who funds groups like Move on and BLM. They are used all over the nation for protests against Trump–the non globalist outsider.

  • BrianLOConnor

    For my friends who are take swipes at Trump here, I’d like to console you!

    It could be worse!

    The Republicans could have nominated someone like ChimpBushHitler, who delighted in killing babies, who wanted to trade blood for oil and who was focussed on helping Halliburton increase their profits!

    Or, the Republicans could have nominated someone like McCain, who wanted to bomb Iran, was damaged mentally by his years of captivity and who was so old that he was senile!

    Or, the Republicans could have nominated someone like Romney, who had the names of women he’d consider for high office in his administration in BINDERS, who took a vacation with his dog in a commercial dog carrier attached to the roof of his car, who while a high school student participated in a HS prank in which a classmate’s hair was cut off, and who . . . and you can take this to the bank, because Joe Biden said it . . . wanted to put “you-all back in chains.”

    Count your blessings. Trump is much better than any of these people!

  • Patriot

    It is good to read some student’s comments about disagreeing with the violence and expecting a non-violent protest, so l’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here…the real issue I have is with University administrators and police sitting on their back sides and allowing the violence to continue without a single arrest being made. The fascist, Hitler Youth style violence of this riot has reflected poorly on liberals nationwide who’s views and concerns should always be heard, as should views of others, but this and other events similar to this in the past, is unfortunately what the majority of the country will relate to when speaking of those on the left. All I can say to Liberals is, sometimes you have to clean up your own kitchen by not letting cockroaches permeate what’s yours…

  • Earl Reed Cameron

    So is there any evidence that the destruction was done by students or outside agitators trying to make the students look bad?

  • dana

    Protesters shouldn’t be allowed to hide their faces. If someone comes to a protest wearing a mask, demand they take it off or be removed. This will eliminate anarchists or agent provacateurs from legitimate protesters. Better yet, whisk their mask off and upload their photo the police department.

    • woodrose

      Peaceful protesters are going to have to citizen-arrest the Black Bloc idiots. The police won’t do it — I suspect it’s because they are undercover police or FBI agents. If we don’t purge our protests of the destructive Black Bloc, they will bring Trump Martial Law down on us.

  • dana

    Originally appeared at The Unz Review
    “The election of Donald Trump has sent millions of people pouring out onto the streets to protest a man they think is a racist, misogynist, xenophobic bully who will destroy US democracy in his quest to establish himself as supreme fascist ruler of the country.
    Maybe they’re right. Maybe Trump is a fascist who will destroy America. But where were these people when Obama was bombing wedding parties in Kandahar, or training jihadist militants to fight in Syria, or abetting NATO’s destructive onslaught on Libya, or plunging Ukraine into fratricidal warfare, or collecting the phone records of innocent Americans, or deporting hundreds of thousands of undocumented workers, or force-feeding prisoners at Gitmo, or providing bombs and aircraft to the Saudis to continue their genocidal war against Yemen?
    Where were they?
    They were asleep, weren’t they? Because liberals always sleep when their man is in office, particularly if their man is a smooth-talking cosmopolitan snake-charmer like Obama who croons about personal freedom and democracy while unleashing the most unspeakable violence on civilians across the Middle East and Central Asia.
    The United States has been at war for eight straight years under Obama, and during that time, there hasn’t been one sizable antiwar march, demonstration or protest. Nothing. No one seems to care when an articulate bi-racial mandarin kills mostly people of color, but when a brash and outspoken real estate magnate takes over the reigns of power, then ‘watch out’ because here come the protestors, all three million of them! Can we agree that there is at least the appearance of hypocrisy here?”

    • sundaze

      Extreme hypocrisy. Shameful.

  • woodrose

    I’m furious at the mayor and UC president, and the UC and Berkeley police chiefs. They let the Black Bloc trash the campus and city, live and on camera. No arrests made? How is that even possible?

    The Black Bloc is so toxic to liberal causes, showing up to ruin peaceful protests and discredit liberal values, and their members are never arrested. Police stand by and watch as a small number of masked people break windows, then use it as an excuse to tear gas the entire crowd, rather than chasing down and arresting the actual vandals. It happens over and over, in cities across the US.

    I suspect the Black Bloc are actually FBI agents, infiltrators and agent provocateurs. Immune from arrest and exposure, of course. Helping to bring about martial law in the United States of America. Bannon and Trump were probably gleefully cheering on the rioters.

    • BrianLOConnor

      woodrose: “I suspect the Black Bloc are actually FBI agents, infiltrators and agent provocateurs. Immune from arrest and exposure, of course.”

      I strongly support your right to suspect whomsoever you wish . . .

      But I suspect that the instigators and funders are actually Scott Foval and Robert Creamer.

      Or, perhaps others from the far left, the sorts who pushed, for example, the false “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” meme of Fergusson, the BLM movement, OWS and etc.

  • roccolore

    Democrats are fascist cowards.

  • johnathan blaze

    Well the little masked crybabies are well on their way to making Milo a household name. This has caused hundreds of thousands to look up Milo and watch his YouTube videos. His words and messages are spreading more than ever. Thanks leftist thugs!

  • Anna Aaron Nguyen

    Now days, protesters can do what ever they want. They can disrupt any speaker, burn things, damage property, hit people and the UC cops just stand around and watch. Embarrassing and dumb.

  • TullyMOI

    More faux progressives without historical memory. So where were the protests when UC hired John Woo, the legal architect of US torture?

  • CherriBomb2012

    Why can’t security prevent this chaos? Were they being told to stand down and give the thugs “space to destroy”? It isn’t that difficult to stop the rioters. I heard the university requested extra money from the even organizers for security. Didn’t look like security was provided at all. I assume they will get their money back or not have to pay anything. Looks like a breach of contract.

  • AndyRYoung

    I predict his book will definitely be a best seller.

  • Kevin Jones

    Complete and utter disgrace. The fascistic left has given in to their hate and intolerance; they can’t even handle words anymore. They are the very thing they are claiming to be against. On a side note, they just gave Donald Trump and the GOP tons of great stock footage for their impending landslides in 2018 and 2020. These people, although they will never turn on their minds long enough to get out of their safe space or echo chambers, will ultimately realize that they are on the wrong side of history. A final musing, I find it highly entertaining and ironic that the fascist left decided to destroy Berkeley, which is the bastion of the progressive and tolerant left. Stay class Berkeley. Hit the UC system in pocketbook, that should get their attention.

    • lspanker

      A final musing, I find it highly entertaining and ironic that the fascist left decided to destroy Berkeley, which is the bastion of the progressive and tolerant left.

      No different than urban black thugs destroying Ferguson or Baltimore, or Muslim radicals shooting Qassams and katyushas at the Israelis from the roofs of their own apartment buildings in the Gaza Strip to provoke the IDF to strike back. They are all subhuman scum who won’t be happy until everyone around them is forced to take a side and engage in wanton violence and bloodshed.

  • SamXie

    “Many of the people in the crowd by that point were not campus students.” Do we know this because they weren’t wearing their ID’s on lanyards around their neck? What is the factual basis of this claim?

  • TimCA

    People have a right to protest. They do not have a right to incite nor engage in violence. That said, Milo’s presence at UCB should be protested against both loudly and vigorously. Milo is not there to speak; he’s there to entertain. Milo is nothing more than a traveling gay variant of a minstrel show. His role is of a clown, a side show freak brought in for the benefit of college age Republican frat boys and other homophobes who enjoy watching this gay court jester debase himself and other gay men for their twisted amusement.

    Milo Yiannopolis: making it safe to denigrate gay people again. As a gay man myself, for this reason and others, I strongly support those protesting against his appearances.

    • I think I remember Milo making out with a couple of attendees at one of his events (who asked for kisses) and all of the “homophobes” cheered. Most of the people at Milo’s speeches are pro LGBT. They may not be representative of the right on the whole, but that doesn’t mean you have to mis-characterize them. Just like I’m sure you don’t like it when the right paints the left with a broad brush maybe you should refrain from doing the same?
      PS – You may not have noticed, but the Republican party is as pro LGBT as it’s ever been. Trump and Milo have been moving the party forward on that issue, big time.

      • TimCA

        I’ve seen Milo’s shtick before. Like when he’s sporting a feather boa and holding a pair of jumper cables while he makes fun of LGBT youth who are subjected to forced “conversion therapy”. Then he places the cables up to his own nipples and says something to the effect ‘see not so bad…actually kinda hot’ while calling people who oppose this anti-gay psychological torture “snowflakes” . He then turns to the heterosexual bigot boys in the audience and says “wanna do me next big boy?” to cat calls and raucous laughter.

        Milo Yiannopolous should rename his tour from “the Dangerous F—-t Tour” to something more actually descriptive like the Lavender Shuck and Jive Tour. Milo is disgusting and so are the anti-LGBT bigots that eat this garbage up!

        • I guess not all of us can recognize satire or British humor. Sad!

          • TimCA

            Yeh, not everyone can appreciate the supposed ‘fine art’ of gay mistrelsy. I’m sure given a huge dose of heterosexual privilege, you feel empowered to appreciate it a little more than I do. And as I write this, the Trump White House is mulling how far they will allow anti-LGBT bigotry to be codified into law through an executive order disguised as religious freedom.

            Stop Trump!

        • Gonzalo Frias

          What about those people who went dancing to Mike Pence house? Are you proud of them?.
          Milo antics are no different gay pride parades.

          That said his fans don’t seem to mind so who is the homophobe here?.

          • TimCA

            Were those people dancing with the purpose of trivializing the psychological torture of LGBT youth as Yiannopoulos does? Were those dancers opposing my civil right to a state issued civil marriage license as Yiannopoulos has stated before that he does? Were those dancers supporting the bigots surrounding Trump and the bigots mentioned by Trump as possible picks for the judiciary? Yianopolous fans love it because it gives them a safe zone from which to denigrate gay men and to advocate anti-LGBT policies.

            Shuck and jive was often times used by blacks as an instrument of resistance to white supremacy. Milo’s schtick on the other hand is designed to advance the goal of hetero supremacy and anti-LGBT social and state sponsored discrimination.

    • disqus_lCik0TlIfq

      You need to read his writings, to see he speaks at length about how Islam is destroying Europe and will soon destroy the US. It’s not just about being gay.

      • TimCA

        Ok, so he’s a racist and a xenophobe too. Kudos for him.


        • johnathan blaze

          Lets see how long you’d last in an Islamic country.

  • John R

    Why does the “left” always remind me of the “brown shirts”
    of Germany.?

  • Josh

    We need another Kent State.

  • Gwen Lindsey

    I am an old-time liberal who participated in many very large protests in the 1970s-1980s. I would like to offer one suggestion to the organizers of last night’s – and future – protests (if they didn’t already have this in place). My suggestion is about security: In advance, form a security team that “joins forces” with the police; at the event itself have your own security team located in strategic vantage points; be trained to recognize outside agitators or potential disruptors; the moment any one dangerous person arrives at any periphery, ask him/her to leave; have the police assist in enforcing the exit. Must nip the bad ‘uns in the bud and insure peaceful protest. Win win on all sides. If all of the above is in place and the volume of outside agitators or criminals becomes too large, too forceful, etc., the organizers have responsibility to call the protest off and signal to the crowd to disburse and seek safety.

    • lspanker

      Funny but you described what the Tea Party used to do all the time. They had a little security detail of well-nourished truck driver and construction worker types who weren’t afraid of confronting party crashers like the white power clowns or the left-wing “Crash the Tea Party” provocateurs.

      • Gwen Lindsey

        Peaceful protest ought to be the goal on both sides.

  • David Deming

    “Fanaticism and ignorance is forever busy and needs feeding.”

  • David Deming

    Hopefully UC will reschedule Milo and put National Guard troops on campus to ensure safety and order.

    • TechaPrime

      Neah – they will use this as an excuse to stop future speakers they don’t like, blaming safety etc and side-stepping.

  • Barzini

    Classic divide and conquer…….and look how we are all (whether on the left or right) falling for it

  • Mr. Deplorable ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    How effective, chant about peace while beating up everyone not like you. The new Fascist of America, snowflakes willing to kill others so they can have a safe space from hate.

  • TechaPrime

    The opposite of fascism must be anarchism.

  • sir_graphus

    50 years ago your predecessors protested for free speech. Now you do this. In 30 years time, your children will be here; they’ll be protesting for free speech too; you’ll be horrified and it will serve you bloody right.

  • I love Trump!!!

    My how tolerant of you lefties! You don’t agree with someone so no one can hear this man. However, don’t agree with the lefties and riots break out. Get used to it lefties, Donald J. Trump is still President and things are only going to get worse for you until you accept that fact.

  • Tc1212

    All I saw was a huge banner that said “This is. WAR” and a young girl being pepper sprayed by a real brave liberal punk that I would love to meet one on one. Brave police hiding on a ledge being attacked by fireworks and other thrown objects. And the report today says ONE ARREST!!! Really? One arrest? California is a joke!
    Heads up tough liberals that attack women and burn flags. At some point in the very near future you may get a chance to show just how tough you actually are! You want a war? Careful what you ask for.

  • Dude I am

    Not one arrest. amazing.