UC, CSU faculty members write open letter to Trump on climate change

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About 2,300 faculty members from the UC and CSU systems, including more than 400 UC Berkeley faculty members, have signed an open letter urging President Donald Trump to continue efforts to meet greenhouse gas emission targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement.

The purpose of the letter, it states, is to show the degree to which there is a consensus among scientists and academics that climate change is caused by humans. Among the signees were 48 members of the campus department of environmental science, policy and management and 26 members of the campus department of integrative biology.

“The Earth’s climate is entering a state that has not been experienced in human history,” the statement reads. “Continuing to produce greenhouse gases at current rates will have catastrophic, unstoppable consequences for our environment, our economy, and our country.”

The letter goes on to cite that increasing droughts, violent weather and high tides are among the results of climate change that should be taken into account in future policy and could have economic impacts. The faculty members call upon the Trump administration to direct the United States to invest in and incentivize clean energy.

“The science of how greenhouse gases trap heat is unimpeachable. Climate records are being broken as human-caused changes add onto natural oscillations … in the climate system,” the letter stated. “The world has been slow to respond (to climate change) and, as a result, we run an increasing risk of major damage to America’s economy and security.”

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  • why do liberals insist on quashing any dissent on “climate” by labeling skeptics as deniers

    • JLKeller

      Because their dissent is not supported by the overwhelming preponderance of scientific evidence.

      • and yours is? you just repeat consensus consensus over and over again but present no proof

        • Jerry Travelstead

          The evidence is publicly available, you just have to go look.

        • JLKeller

          Proof is for the courtroom or mathematics. Science is about evidence. You’ll want to stay away from “climate alarmist” web sites, of which there a many. A good place to start is the American Institute of Physics’ http://history.aip.org/climate/index.htm which gives a balanced view.

    • jerrisanchez

      1. When I was gowing up we were advised of Global Freezing…the entire world was going to be an icebox …saltwater oceans were going to freeze…really saltwater… oh and the polar bears were going to die. Timeframe around 25 years. Didn’t happen!
      2. Then it was Global Warming..disastorous weather events..tornadoes were going to be bigger and more ..hurricanes, tsunamis and typhoons were going to be bigger and more…oceans and the country were going to dry up…again the polar bears were going to die because the melting polar ice packs. Interesting, then Al Gore went around with his carbon TAX policy that would hit all businesses.
      That was debunked.
      3. Now..we have Global Warming… with the Carbon Tax looming in the back… man it’s just the WEATHER and they don’t have the science.

      Poor temperature record keeping dates began in 1880…very primitive records.
      The first weather satellite was in 1960….So how verifiable are their records to be for predictions.
      ***Notice they don’t talk about the ozone layer anymore … that was debunked.

  • sven holmes

    who cares

    these people literally have no credibility